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Máiréad Nesbitt

Q: How do you pronounce Máiréad?

A: To quote Máiréad, "It's like parade with an M."

Q: What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

A: There isn't one. Traditional violinists usually refer to their instruments as a fiddle and classical players as a violin.

Q: What kind of violin(s) does Máiréad play?

A: The violin Máiréad plays on tour is a 300 year old 9/8 Matthias Alban. It was given to her as a child by a family friend whom Máiréad used to warm violins up for. During her Lord of the Dance days, and on her album Raining Up, she played a Skyinbow violin and her endorsement page with the company can be found here.

Q: What brand of strings does Máiréad use?

A: Máiréad plays on Dominant strings by Thomastik-Infeld and the company sponsors her on tour. Her endorsement page with them can be found here.

Q: Is there video of Máiréad performing in Lord of the Dance?

A: Yes, there are several actually. Just search YouTube for Lord of the Dance and Máiréad and you'll find them. They're all taken from various DVDs of the show.

Q: Is Máiréad any relation to Caroline Nesbitt?

A: Yes, Caroline is Máiréad's sister-in-law and has been CW's art director since 2008. She also designed Máiréad's album, Raining Up.

Q: When is Máiréad's birthday?

A: April 18

Q: Is Máiréad married?

A: Yes, to CW's on tour Ligting Director, Jim Mustapha.