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Órlagh Fallon

Q: Where is Órlagh and why isn't she touring with Celtic Woman anymore?

A: Órlagh left Celtic Woman in 2008 in order to pursue her solo career. She's since recorded and toured with Jim Brickman in the US as well as performing solo concerts. Alex took her place with Celtic Woman.

Q: Orla, Órla, or Órlagh?

A: Depends on the day and who you're asking. On her birth certificate it's Órlagh. It is an Irish name and when pronounced properly it sounds like Orla. So to keep people from struggling with her name she spells it Órla for publishing and touring purposes. Any of the three spellings will work.

Q: What kind of harp does Órlagh play?

A: Órlagh is sponsored by Salvi harps and they provide her with a lever harp whenever she needs one. During the original CW tour Órlagh had her own harp shipped to the US from Ireland which was a bit nerve racking for her, but as CW gained popularity she gained a sponsor and a tour harp. She also played the Salvi on her album Distant Shore.

Q: When is Órlagh's birthday?

A: August 24

Q: Is Órlagh married?

A: Yes