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Lisa Kelly

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Q: Is Lisa still with Celtic Woman?

A: During the Holiday 2011 tour it was announced that Lisa K was pregnant with her fourth child and would take the Spring 2012 tour off. Susan took her place on tour. In January of 2013 it was announced that Lisa K and her husband Scott Porter, CW's longtime producer & CEO, would be leaving the group to spend more time with their family and to start up the Lisa Kelly Voice Academy in Peachtree City, GA.

Q: Where is Lisa K's DVD?

A: On the first Celtic Woman DVD Lisa K mentioned in her interview that she was working on a solo DVD. It was filmed, but because of the massive success of Celtic Woman it was never edited and the footage is sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

Q: Is there any video of Lisa K with Riverdance?

A: In 2003 the Special Olympics World Summer Games were held outside of the US for the first time since their inception. Ireland was the host country and during the opening ceremonies Riverdance performed with Lisa in the chorus. The video is on YouTube here. There are several good closeups of Lisa K and the featured soloist is Lynn.

Q: Is Lisa K any relation to Helen Kelly or Joann Kelly or _______ Kelly?

A: Helen Kelly has toured on and off with CW as a member of the chorus since the beginning and is Lisa's sister. Joann, another Kelly sister, worked in the CW office in Dublin for a while. Anyone else named Kelly that is attached to the show is no relation.

Q: When is Lisa K's birthday?

A: May 7

Q: Is Lisa K married?

A: Yes, to Scott Porter, Celtic Woman Ltd.'s former CEO and producer. They met while Lisa K was singing in Riverdance and Scott was one of the dancers.

Q: What is a Lisa K Starbucks Special?

A: A non-fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha.