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Lynn Hilary

Q: What is Lynn's history with Celtic Woman?

A: At the end of the spring 2007 tour both Hayley and Méav decided to leave Celtic Woman and return to their solo careers. Lynn took their place with the show beginning the fall of that year. At the end of the 2010 Austrilia tour Lynn left Celtic Woman to spend more time at home and Lisa Lambe took her place with the show. However, Lynn did rejoin CW on their Spring 2014 tour while Lisa L returned to Ireland for a few months to perform in a play.

Q: Is there any video of Lynn performing with Riverdance?

A: In 2003 the Special Olympics World Summer Games were held outside of the US for the first time since their inception. Ireland was the host country and after several auditions Lynn was chosen unanimously to be the featured soloist during Cloudsong. The video is on YouTube here. If you watch closely you'll also see Lisa K in the chorus.

Q: Does Lynn appear on any of Anúna's albums?

A: Yes, she appears on Invocation, Winter Songs, Behind the Closed Eye, and Sensation.

Q: Is there any video of Lynn performing with Anúna?

A: Yes, she's a featured soloist in their video for The Wild Song and can be seen in their video for Siúil a Rúin. Both videos can be found on YouTube and on Anúna's Invocations of Ireland DVD.

Q: When is Lynn's birthday?

A: April 21

Q: Is Lynn married?

A: No