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Title: St. Louis April 11
Post by: avalonfreak06 on April 10, 2012, 08:45PM
Welp, Im going to be seeing the girls tomorrow night in St. Louis. Im going to take a shot at doing a review. Maybe thursday or friday before it is up.

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Post by: greenfire6 on April 10, 2012, 08:49PM
Look forward to it!

No rush, take your time. We will be here.

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Title: Re: St. Louis April 11
Post by: avalonfreak06 on April 12, 2012, 03:03PM
Wow!! AMAZING Concert is all I have to say. I plan to start on the review tonight.

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Post by: avalonfreak06 on April 13, 2012, 10:40AM
WOW, musically this is one of the best shows that they have to date.

I have to start off saying that there were a few sound problems tonight, I dont know why, other than that. It was a fantastic show.

Awakening-This is where the sound wasnt where it should have been. The girls voices sounded muffled just a tinge. An amazing way to start the show. The girls were just glowing at the top of the stairs. This is where the night started off as a fantastic show!

Dulaman-WOW! I love Lisa's rendition of this song the best. I do love Lynn and Meav, but I feel as if Lisa has taken this song where Lynn and Meav wouldnt have dared to go.  The effects of the lights kind of make it a mystical type of piece. Lisa truly shines and shows her talent especially with those spoons.

Nocturne-This is by far one of my favorite solos by Chloe. She truly shined on this song. Before she started the song, she said how they were so so glad to be back in St. Louis. One of their favorite places to perform honestly because it is where they started on that first tour that many years ago.  They said it holds a special place in their heart because St. Louis is one of the few places that they have came here for every tour thus far. Anyways...she shined on this song and it will to date still be one of my favorites.

Foxhunter-I swear during this song that Mairead did about 22-23 spins. Im not joking. She did like 15 and then took a breather for not even a sec and started and did another 7 or so. She just amazes me with that. If I was doing that, I would have so dizzy..haha..i dont know how they do their spinning. What a fun number!

Sailing-One of my favorites!! I loved this new intro with the pipe instead of the bagpipe. To me, after the song was over with, I felt like they left out part of the song. It went by so quick, I guess because I like it so much. Susan did AMAZING at the beginning. I really like her take on things during this tour. It was a different arrangement than on the DVD. Lisa and Chloe dont sing together on the second verse. I was a little disappointed in that, but I still think that they did a great job on this one.

A Woman's Heart-Lisa introduced this number. She was pretty much saying how this is a woman's world in short term.haha. This is a great number! It took a bit for me to warm up to this song but I love it now!

Follow On-OMG!! Let me first off say I will always continue to love Lisa Kelly and I look forward to her return. But, WOW, Susan knocked this one out of the part tonight. This may have been one of my favorite solos of the evening, except for Spaceman of course. Ha. The passion and the energy that she puts into this song really shines and it just amazing me that it can be done that well. I love her mainstream sound to this. It was FANTASTIC!

TAR-By far the BEST song of the night! They really got into it tonight when they came out. Chloe came out on my side through a walkway that was literally one row back from where my seat was. She stood right next to me for what seemed like eternity and boy was I in heaven. She sat down in a chair that was right in front of me. there was no one sitting there. It was so fun. That whole bit at the beginning was fantastic. They had great audience interaction with this song.

Granuaile's Dance-One of Mairead's best! The audience was participating thoroughly during this song. She got a standing O after this song and she more than deserved it.

Danny Boy-One of the classics, thats for sure. I know when they did 4-part harmony in the past they didnt use the piano. I think this would have been better without the piano. I feel like they were using the piano to get their notes. Which is really unlike them. I still loved the piece, I would have just loved it without the piano.

Mo Ghile Mear-Still a Celtic Woman classic. No tour would be complete without it! All 4 girls were filled with smiles tonight and it really shined through during this song. The lights were amazing during this piece. The light are what help make the show even better.

Then it was time for intermission.

Act 2 coming in a just a little while.

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Post by: avalonfreak06 on April 14, 2012, 06:30PM
Alrighty now! Part 2!

Amazing Grace-It says how this song was in the title, AMAZING!!! They always do a fantastic job at this piece.  They got a standing O at the end of this one for sure!!

Green Grow the Rushes-Of course, there were some of us there that knew what to do, but for the most part nobody knew what to do and so it took Chloe awhile to teach it. She probably tried at least 3 or 4 times haha. Slow learning crowd thats for sure..haha. A beautiful piece as usual.

Spaceman-MY FAVORITE SONG! Unfortunately from where I was standing, at least from my perspective, it was harder to hear Lisa in this song for some reason, but she did a fantastic job at it.

Songs from the Heart-This has to be my favorite section in the show, of course, The World Falls Away is one of my favorite duet/trio pieces. Chloe and Lisa just Blew everyone away with Walking the Night. WOW, is all I gotta say.

The Water is Wide-Susan blew this out of the water too. Although I think she owns Follow On, I think Lisa owns this one. Susan did a fantastic job on this one though. She is such a great addition to the show.

Broadway-At the beginning of this piece, Susan introduces herself as the newest member of Celtic Woman and the crowd went nuts. St. Louis was very receptive to her that night. Circle of Life was super fun! The addition of the drum was great! There was a huge standing O after this was done!

Ave Maria-WOW WOW WOW!  Chloe's vocals on this were so raw. She kind of changed the melodic parts in the song just a little and just made that piece hers. This piece was so raw that I could hear her and the choir members without mic amplification. It was just that great!

You'll Never Walk Alone-This one is another crowd pleaser! Another standing O at the end of this piece. The crowd was warmed up by this time and were really getting into this piece. This song is very climatic, especially seeing it live.

Woman of Ireland-Mairead started to introduce this song and the crowd went nuts. I honestly think the dancer on the tour is a lot better than the one on the DVD. This guy is just phenomenal! Multi-tasking dancing and singing throughout the show. What a fun piece for her to do.

The Parting Glass-Of course this is when the sadness comes on because you know the show is wrapping up because Lisa says so.haha. The lights in this piece were so cool. Made the stage look gold and just a breath-taking view!! They did just a fabulous job!!

Finale- This is the fun part, we get to dance with them! Not before Chloe chats with the audience for a bit and says how much she is going to miss St. Louis until next time. Its one of her favorite places to go. I can believe it! One of the only places they have stopped everytime they have had a tour since the beginning of Celtic Woman. 

Overall, musically, this has to be one of their best shows! They were on the whole time! I'm looking forward to Lisa coming back. Although, I do want Susan to stay, but I dont think that will happen with her just getting engaged and all and probably going to start planning her wedding. She will want that time to do that. Its sounding promising for a fall tour but they arent guaranteeing it!

It will be definitely an amazing show next year if Lisa and Susan are both there!  YAHOO! 

Hope I did a good review. My first shot at it.

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Post by: tchristina23 on April 15, 2012, 04:34AM
You did WONDERFUL on your review...thanks for sharing.