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Title: Houston show april 16th first M&G
Post by: yellow rose on April 19, 2012, 06:30PM
well , i am sad to say my mom, friends, and I where unable to attended the forum party before hand, but  we did see Roy and Scott during intermission ... i think? (cant remember much was in shock ;)

I was utterly surprised how many step we had to take to get to the auditorium and the bathrooms like what Scott said, are in a very annoying  place. My friend and I where afraid we wouldn't make it back from the restrooms to our seats in time for the show to start, but we did :)

i had pledge through PBS and got M&G tics for me and my friend kaitlan, we where stoked, to say the least ;)!! sadly my mom and the other friend Melinda where not near us (my mom reported afterwards those where the best seats :) score one for the daughter ;) he he
I was unable to write the songs down because i didn't want to miss a thing and be rude ;) when they are only feet away. So the order might be wrong and some I dont really remember because shock from being up sooo close, never been that close ;)

ok here i go.. the light dim and it goes black.. we wait a few seconds.. a few more then mairead comes out and start playing a the tune for Awakening, love that as a opening song gets you in the mood and all the lady's did great :) ok from here on out it is what i remember

sorry will post more once i can try and rack my brain to what came next ;) it is all a blur ;) still!!!

OK the next song i think was Dulaman it was very nice, love Susan's take on this song :) i had to explain what it was about to my friend.
the Foxhunter was so cool :) mairead was zooming around the stage!! i have a nick name for her it is called "Energizer Bunny" ;) it fit her that night :) she got us all pumped for the next songs  Sailing was rocking :) sad that they couldn't do their normal movements since the stage was small . TAR was soooo awsome!!!!!!! ;D.. when Lisa L came on stage from the left i was like huh? then she did a very bouncy version of the first few words, the interaction between her and Chloe was sooo funny, they looked like two angry sisters ;) poor Susan was the middle one trying to calm them down ;) love that SONG! the spoons that Lisa used in two songs was so cool :)
I was so happy when Mairead started playing Granuaite (sp?) Dance
Amazing grace was stunning. i had wanted to see a a spaceman came travailing for a long time and it was sooo cool :) thank you Lisa for being you in that song :)
both my friend and I got smiles and eye contact by all the girls :) we both were looking at each other like did they just look and smile at us?! THANK you for making us feel so happy :) and wanted
will do some more tomorrow
this little boy got a lot of attention from the girls and even got to have his had kissed by Lisa at their parting.