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Title: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on July 30, 2013, 07:32PM
Hayley's Adventure's on YouTube!


It will be updated every now and then.


The game is the soon-to-be released Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I've been busy with my personal life, so I haven't had the chance to come onto these forums for about a year or so. Anyways, I played the beta for this game and I was able to make a human character (called a Hyur; hi-yur). I named her Hayley Westenra to help promote her in the game (as advertisement).

When I first made her, she looked like this. I was just messing around with the character creation on the game. There are two clan races to choose for the human Hyur. There's the average Midlander (which my current Hayley is) and the Highlander (more muscular and robust human). Hayley used to be a Highlander until I saw someone with the face that actually does match Miss Westenra's on the Midlander. Here's what she originally looked like:


Here is what she looks like now (NOTE: I am going to change her eyes to a lighter green as that's what Miss Westenra's real eye color is; right now they are a teal blue color; this Hayley character got deleted by the end of Phase 3, and she will be remade upon Phase 4 in the Beta during August).






You can see that on the first two photos she has a bow. In the Final Fantasy games, there are things called Jobs in what a character specializes in. My Hayley character will be a Bard later on. Right now you have to start out as an Archer to upgrade to a Bard later. It'll suit her as our real-life Hayley is a singer :)

What does everyone think?

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Emer Dreamer on July 30, 2013, 07:39PM
 You  are  quite  the  graphic  artist  Adam.   I  certainly  like  Hayley's  image  over  the  other  lady.    Cool...!    8) 

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: urbanracer34 on July 30, 2013, 08:06PM
I think you did a wonderful job recreating Hayley in FFXIV: ARR, Adam. :)
I'm also beta testing A Realm Reborn, and I'm waiting on the Phase 4 beta test as well, I got in on the last 5 days of Phase 3 :( and reached LVL 15 as an archer. :)
What server are you going to be on for the next Phase of the beta test? Maybe we could do some adventuring together in Eorzea while the last phase of the beta lasts! ;)

For those who are after more information about FFXIV, the following websites are good places to start: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com http://eorzeareborn.com http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on July 31, 2013, 05:44AM
I think you did a wonderful job recreating Hayley in FFXIV: ARR, Adam. :)
I'm also beta testing A Realm Reborn, and I'm waiting on the Phase 4 beta test as well, I got in on the last 5 days of Phase 3 :( and reached LVL 15 as an archer. :)
What server are you going to be on for the next Phase of the beta test? Maybe we could do some adventuring together in Eorzea while the last phase of the beta lasts! ;)

For those who are after more information about FFXIV, the following websites are good places to start: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com http://eorzeareborn.com http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/

I'm on the Excalibur server with my original character, but I'm making my other characters on Diabolos.

Once the last Phase and open release are here, I'll post more pictures of Hayley from the game! Hopefully the users on this forum will like them. Funny thing is that when I was playing as Hayley on the last phase, I was getting hit on by a guy lol.

Title: Updated! :)
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on August 01, 2013, 05:35PM
I was able to redo her model on the Character Creator Benchmark, and I fine tuned her even better! When the game gets released (or when Open Beta starts), I'll be playing as her alongside my main character. I will add what she looks like in the other equipment when she is played in the game, like the stuff she will wear when she specializes in something (the character's Job).

Here is what my Hayley character would look like as a Paladin (a knight who protects their comrades and can heal the wounded).


Also, this is what she would wear if her experience level is at 20 and if she is a battle class (since this Benchmark puts your chosen created character in the benchmark, it fills the role of the Paladin in the demonstration party).


And here is the close-up of her face to show that I got her eyes right! :)


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: urbanracer34 on August 01, 2013, 09:38PM
Very lifelike Adam, especially the eyes. :)

I guess I'll head over to Diabolos when the test starts, seeing as this is my first Final Fantasy MMORPG (period) that I'm playing (with no legacy characters.) I'll see how the beta test goes this next Phase and decide from there if I should get it. Money is very tight right now, but I do enjoy playing the game from how much I've played, so I'm hopeful. ;)

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on August 03, 2013, 02:23PM
I'd definitely get it. The new benchmark client is more finely tuned with better graphical settings. I'm just impressed that I could actually make a Hayley Westenra look-alike on this game! I mean, what are the odds to actually have a character facial model that looks like the real person? So that means...Hayley is a model :O lol Not really, but she has had photos taken for promoting her albums, such as Celtic Treasure, Winter Magic, and whatnot. I'm going to really be getting some good shots with my Hayley character when the game does get released, though!

I will update this thread with pictures of my Hayley wearing armor. I am wanting to see what kind of costumes there will be for Christmas! Like a Santa outfit and whatnot. On the first version of this game, we got a reindeer outfit. My character from 1.0 has it, but he looks so goofy in it. The outfit makes you look like a furry lol!

OH! To everyone who is viewing this thread, when the next phase starts, I will load my Hayley character's appearance into the client and I will take pictures of what she will look like in the various armors for the game's Jobs, especially Bard.

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on August 06, 2013, 08:53AM
I was having my Hayley character do unique poses, and I got these 3 screenshots to show off her character movement. She will point to herself, stretch, pose, and dance as her animations.

Here is her stretching.


Here she is posing.



It's hard to get a snapshot of her while dancing, and I can't pause the screen while she does it. I may see if I could somehow make an animated GIF, but I don't know how to do that quite yet.

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: urbanracer34 on August 08, 2013, 03:30PM
Looking great Adam!

Here's some information that just came across my "desk" about Phase 4 of the beta test (courtesy of ffxiv reddit I mentioned above, current as of time of post from source below)


Beta Phase 4 [1] starts 17th/August and ends 19th/August. (thanks to grey_sky[2] for the picture)
Beta phase 3 players can start one day early on the 16th/August
Early access [3] starts on the 24th/August, no down time between early access and launch. (thanks to grey_sky[4] for the picture)
Level cap is 20 in phase 4.
Arcanist available in phase 4
Fishing profession available in phase 4
Coliseum PVP will be in phase 4
Scholar confirmed to be healer role
Payment options Crysta, credit card, 30 day and 60 day game cards confirmed
Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch)
Free of charge smartphone apps (named Libra Eorzea) confirmed. Shows character stats, all abilities, quests, crafting materials, and basically all information about the game. Available 1 week after launch for iOS and 3-4 weeks after launch for Android.
No item transfer between same account and same server available.
Barber shop not available at launch, In the barber shop you can change hairstyle, hair colour, face tattoo, face paint, face paint colour and beard.
Seasonal events confirmed (Xmas & new years confirmed so far), with season-themed gear obtainable
Snowman gear confirmed (lol)
Fire resistant swimsuit gear confirmed
New Eorzea 2013 Collection Video (Mob version)
Phase 4 data will not be wiped unless a game breaking bug is discovered. Stop asking.
Crystal Tower 24 man raid confirmed (not available at launch)
Primals finishing moves confirmed to be changing
No /tell allowed in raids.
Duty finder to be expanded over time.
Extreme difficulty setting confirmed for primals and dungeons
Unicorn mount [5] confirmed, for white mage(thanks to BarbequeChickenWings[6] for the picture)
Other unique mounts for different jobs available
Character gender and race effects mount sitting pose
Leviathan confirmed
Free companies earn points when members complete quests
EXP bonuses and other bonuses confirmed for free company members
Mob themed furniture for player housing confirmed (craftable?)
Marriage system confirmed (ick)
Molbol battle confirmed
Darklight armour for WHM confirmed
Player housing not reliant on GC city, houses can be in any city
Job quests can be completed solo
After launch (patch 2.1) there will be better rewards for those who choose to join random dungeon in duty finder
Re-roll status points confirmed
Addon support coming 6 months after launch
GC based PVP confirmed. 4v4, 8v8 confirmed
The crater left by dalamud coming down is used as the coliseum
FFXIV WELCOME BACK CAMPAIGN[15] . 1.0 players can play for free until September 9th.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM [16] . Bonuses granted depending on how long you subscribe to A Realm Reborn for (not 1.0 subscriptions). Bonuses such as items, mounts and character remake ticket.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 30 day reward is wind up cursor minion and phial of fantasia.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 60 day reward is cascadier uniform and black chocobo minion.
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 90 day reward is beady (tiny) eye minion and Voidal Resinator (Ahriman) mount [17] .
VETERAN REWARDS PROGRAM 120, 180 day and more rewards confirmed. (thanks to BarbequeChickenWings[18] & wooooooper[19] for the pictures)

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: urbanracer34 on August 16, 2013, 02:34PM
Looks great Adam! :)

Beta started today worldwide. I'm on the Diabolos server as "Aredren Uraros". Maybe I'll see your characters in-game during the test. :)

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on August 17, 2013, 11:51AM
Looks great Adam! :)

Beta started today worldwide. I'm on the Diabolos server as "Aredren Uraros". Maybe I'll see your characters in-game during the test. :)

I had to delete Hayley again because I picked the wrong voice for her. She was on the Excalibur server, but she's now on Diabolos! Also to everyone else who is viewing this thread, here is what Hayley (and any other character) will look like dressed up in their Job's clothes! To start off, here is Hayley in Bard:



White Mage:

Dragoon (Yeah, I know her face is covered up):

Black Mage (her face is hidden again, too):


Summoner (there is also Scholar, but Summoner is only displayed):

I already showed what Paladin looks like earlier. I am going to be promoting Hayley Westenra in-game now! Hopefully I will try to spark peoples' interest by promoting her through my character! In the end, Hayley will be as a Bard. She's a singer in real life, so I'm going to keep it that way! :)

Title: All dressed up for Valentine's!
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on February 07, 2014, 02:10PM
I got the Valentine's outfit for my Hayley character, so to celebrate the holiday, here she is. The real Hayley Westenra would look funny in it, I'm sure, but hey, one can only dream!


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Tiffany Gray on February 15, 2014, 08:59AM
WHOA! Those pictures look REAL! Awesome job!

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on February 17, 2014, 03:41PM
Thank you! I actually have her now as my main character, so I've been playing her now since November. I've made good progress. I did not get the Christmas outfits this past holiday season because her character level wasn't high enough (the outfit was a snowman). I like the Valentine's one, though! I also update my account on here with my character to show off that I'm using her, so now you can see what she's wearing whenever I play the game and it's updated every hour (the picture on my signature). Right now my Hayley is fishing out in the wilderness in the game, however I'm taking a break this week to study and do homework for my class on the game, so don't worry. I will keep everything updated on this thread with new info on how my Hayley Westenra character is doing!

Last night, I had her class as a goldsmith, and she was making jewelry. I was actually polishing gemstones I had been mining out of rock walls in a cave.

This game is good advertisement, as I already had a lot of people saying, "Hey! I know who your character is named after! She's a great singer!" and also, "your character looks just like the real Hayley!"

And if you think these pictures look real, wait until you see the new graphical update patch the game is getting later on. The special effects, lighting, and textures will be getting upgraded, so everything will look even more real. The game is based upon the DirectX 9 graphics API, so the new graphical patch coming out in the near future is the DirectX 11 one. I will also be getting a new computer later on this year with a better graphics card, so my screenshots will look even more better! :)


Here's a treat. Here's my Hayley fishing this morning!



I actually made her own fishing clothes this past weekend! I was sewing them when I switched her class to Weaver.

EDIT on St. Patrick's Day:

I was able to get her mount license last weekend, so now she's able to travel faster between cities! She is riding a type of monster in this game (I only have 4 available mounts; 2 Chocobo, which are giant yellow birds, this mount, and a giant bat with one eyeball called an Ariham) called a Coeurl. Right now she's fighting in this new outfit I obtained from some treasure chests in a dungeon (the outfit is also featured on some of the first posts on this thread, and it's noticeable) along with her giant great-axe. I was fighting Dodo birds, a giant crab, wolves, mantis, and some pirates.


It's been awhile since I last updated! I was mainly waiting to get a desktop computer that could play this game at the max, so now that I got it, I have bigger pictures of Hayley now! Not much has changed with her at the moment. I'm still working on things :)

Here is a selfie picture I took this evening.


And just smiling.


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on September 13, 2014, 08:24PM

This is my character's account on Flickr. It's all of the pictures I've taken of her along with some of my other characters. I hate to bump this thread by any means, but I'm updating it.

Good news, though! Now my Hayley Westenra character has all of her current classes upgraded to their Jobs! And all of her other classes, bar Leatherwork, are at Lv30 (out of Lv50), but her Miner class is Lv31 as you can see from her progress on my signature. It's been a long haul, but she's getting stronger. I've also met some new friends on there, and I have had at least 15 people contact me on there saying either, "I know who your character is named after, she's awesome!" or, "Are you the real Hayley Westenra playing this game?" I'm glad I'm advertising her with this character to get brand awareness!!

EDIT: Question to anyone reading this thread, so please comment on this! To keep my Hayley Westenra character up-to-date with the real Mrs. Westenra, would you forum goers like to have her with longer hair or her now current look which is with shorter hair? Here is a sample of what the shorter hair looks like that matches with what she looks like now in real life.



In case no one noticed, I changed her eye color to blue now since Hayley's eyes (in real life) seem to have changed from green to blue as she got older, or are they a dark green?

EDIT: Happy Halloween (even if I'm a day early lol)!


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Kimberly AJ on November 17, 2014, 06:07PM
My, you are so creative. :)

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on November 22, 2014, 08:59PM
My, you are so creative. :)

Well, it was just sheer luck that a face template for a character matched the real Hayley Westenra's face. Quite ironically, my character's face looks exactly like my sister's face!



However a few months ago I changed my character Hayley's eye color to blue, because when I looked at recent pictures of Hayley Westenra (like on her Facebook), her eyes are actually a blue color. She had green eyes when she was younger, or her eyes can actually change color.

EDIT: I unlocked the Rogue class for Hayley now, but now her Rogue class has now been upgraded to...NINJA! I don't have the armor/clothing for her to wear as a Ninja at the moment (she will need to be Lv45 to get the head, hands, legs, and shoe armor, and then Lv50 to get the body armor), but she's wearing Toadskin battle armor that I had her craft on her Leatherworker class :) My character is very versatile; she will get clothing for when she is a higher level crafter that is specific for her class (just like her Ninja job and her other jobs), but right now all of her crafting and gathering classes share the same gear except for the crafting tools (main and secondary).

You would love the game, Kim, however you have to pay a monthly fee. They have a race that is part human and part cat, too.

Here is Hayley as a Rogue for the class' last battle quest.


The character in the background has the Ninja armor, and the character not facing the camera is also wearing Ninja gear, he's just a villainous Ninja you have to go against at the end of the Ninja job quest line.


And here is the race I told you about, that is part human and part cat. This character in the Rogue storyline has a tattoo on her one arm, and you can craft the body armor that has the tattoo for your character to wear on it.


Here is the game's benchmark with a character creator on it. You can create a character with the software, and if you decide to play the game later on, you can import what you create into the full game! However in the full game, there is a male character who will give you new hairstyles and can do facial alterations (you can't change eye color, sadly) such as tattoos or marks.


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on December 25, 2014, 09:01AM
Merry Christmas!



And the game developers for the game made a special Christmas and New Years video, so check it out! It shows how our game actually decorates for the holidays (not just Christmas, but Halloween, Valentines, Hanami which is the Cherry Blossom Festival, and the summer festival). Look what the developers did at the end of the video :)


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: urbanracer34 on December 26, 2014, 02:20PM
Your Hayley character looks gorgeous Adam! :)
Great job as usual!

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on January 02, 2015, 04:22PM
Your Hayley character looks gorgeous Adam! :)
Great job as usual!

Thank you! I may grab a purchasable potion item called a Vial of Fantasia (the item is an optional item through the Square-Enix cash shop) to change my character's eye color back to green instead of blue. I think the green eyes suited her better, plus I think the real Hayley Westenra's eyes are actually green (they were that color in older pictures of her), but I saw a recent Facebook picture she posted of herself and they are blue.

So does anyone know if the real Hayley Westenra's eye color is green or blue? :(

EDIT: I was able to change it back to green now. I'd say she looks way better now :)


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on February 14, 2015, 08:59AM

Happy Valentines Day!




It's Hanami now! It's a Japanese festival for cherry blossoms and there are parties for it in which you drink tea. In the game, the event is called Little Ladies' Day.


EDIT: Got the peach blossom necklace on Tuesday night :)


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on April 19, 2015, 01:02PM

I got her first part of her Artifact armor now on the game for Bard. This will suit her since the real Hayley is a singer. It was kind of funny in the quest for the gear, as the non-playable character (NPC) told me to sing for him, and he said I had a joyous voice that was befitting for a true Bard. Lol. The reason why the screenshot has my Hayley in a bikini top is because if I wore another body-piece of armor, it would block out the designs for her armor. At Lv45, I got the hands, legs, feet, and head. Once she's at Lv50, I'll get the body piece. Plus I will get exp bonuses once I get 1 job to Lv50, making my other jobs to get stronger quicker.

After grinding the game for 9 hours straight today...lol, I FINALLY got it for her! I will update later on when I get the gear for her other jobs in the game, plus gear that can be used to show-off, or as in the game we know as 'glamour.' I'll have to craft most of that glamour stuff once I unlock more recipe books later on.



Same as before with the Bard gear of hands, head, legs, and feet (to show them off by not wearing body gear that blocks out what the new gear looks like, my character is wearing a different bikini top again), here is Hayley with the Lv45 Ninja Artifact armor. I will get her body portion once she's at Lv50, as right now she's still Lv45. The head gear for this set has a scarf that comes from the back of the head, and it trails behind you while you run. Plus the head gear also blocks out her whole head except her eyes, so you will only see Hayley's eyes once a blade is drawn ;)


Now I am a full Ninja. They only see Hayley Westenra's eyes before their death ;)


Title: SEPARATE post about new character creation.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on April 27, 2015, 07:05PM
If anyone is wanting to make a character of this game to try out, you can do that for free. There is a new benchmark for the expansion, Heavensward, which is due out on June 23, 2015 (I got early access by buying the $130 physical collector's edition that comes with a lot of physical items including a statue, so I get to play the game on the 19th of June).


There is one new playable race called the Au Ra (Ow-rah), and it is separated by 2 clans. You can actually make characters of that race and two clans right now on the benchmark, and you can import any characters you make to the full game once the expansion hits. The race is draconian, but it is very appealing. There is a huge difference in genders; male Auri (Au Ra plural) are very tall and muscular while females are petite and very elegant. Oh, and their eyes can glow around their irises, too. That's what I did with my male one. He is based off the main villain Naraku from the InuYasha anime, but in his last form in the anime; I'm keeping my elven Naraku Diabolos (whom this CWF account is based on) the way he is.





I will say that so far, this game has a VERY good story. I'm near the end of the 2.0 main scenario (not counting the quest missions for patches 2.1 to 2.55). You can start out in one of three nations in the game, but each of the story lines merge into the main one around Lv15. The game has varying ways of difficulty, but I will admit that my hand-eye coordination has gotten better with this game as I am more responsive in real life now that I can notice smaller things happening around me lol. Meaning, this game keeps you on your toes.

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Emer Dreamer on April 27, 2015, 07:08PM
  It's  cool  that  you  have  a sister  that looks  a  bit  like  Hayley !    ;D 

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on May 02, 2015, 02:46PM
My sister does look like Hayley, but years ago. She butchered her hair by cutting it all off. Now she has it short like a boys (buzzed off at times), which really irritates me. Her boyfriend is fine with it, though. I think she looks awful with her hair like that... :(

I just got my character's Dragoon armor done.


EDIT: Got the gear for Scholar and Summoner. I will note that both of those two job classes are connected by the same base class (Arcanist), so once Arcanist gets to Lv50, both Summoner and Scholar will be at that level, too. The thing with the current game is that the classes lead into the respected classic Final Fantasy jobs. Jobs specialize in doing certain things such as being a tank (taking all the damage from the enemies), healing weakened party members, or doing raw damage (DPS; damage per second) in groups.



She looks like Harry Potter, lol. Scholar is a healing job, as the fairy that you see in my picture heals. Her name is Eos. You have another fairy which is used for support in groups, and her name is Selene. She's a bright yellow and purple fairy (has the same body, just different colors).



Summoners are able to summon monsters. In this game, there are boss monsters called Primals, and they are made up of the elements of earth (Titan), water (Leviathan), lightning (Ramuh), ice (Shiva), wind (Garuda) and fire (Ifrit). So far in the game, you can battle all of those Primals, yet when the expansion releases next month, there are 2+ Primals being released. Right now you can only summon the fire, earth, and wind Primals. They are MASSIVE monsters, but only us Summoners are able to summon a fraction of their power. These smaller forms are called "egi."







So far in the game, I've also had several people contacting me again asking if I'm the real Hayley Westenra playing the game. Hah, I told them no as I made this character to advertise the real lady of song so more people are aware of whom she is in life :) I really do want to advertise Hayley a lot more in the game. I've been telling my group of friends in-game all about her, too. They seem interested in her.


To see what the story goes through, here is a trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOX69XblC80


I was on vacation last week at the beach, so I couldn't update anything. Got Hayley's White Mage job to Lv50 now along with her gear. It is a healing class (it's a class that is called a job as that is the ultimate role you can take for a class), and can not only heal but use the power of earth magic and wind magic. We do have one water spell called Fluid Aura, but they have yet to add a proper water spell.


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on June 28, 2015, 12:03PM
Long time, but here are the rest.

Black Mage:


Warrior in updated Artifact gear:


Paladin in updated Artifact gear:


Monk with updated Artifact gear body, but regular Artifact hands, legs, feet, and head gear.


Right now I'll have to dungeon grind to get ancient currency to pay for higher gear before I can go farther in the story. That should help. However with dungeon grinding, it may take weeks lol


Went against the Primal, the Lord of Levin, Ramuh (Rah-moo). It was an interesting battle, full of electricity.

Patch 2.3 Defenders of Eorzea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYBu4dpZJBo


But before him, I battled the sea serpent Primal named Leviathan. Luckily it was just the Hard battle, as if I did the Extreme, his torrential tidal waves would have swept me over the deck of the battlefield!

Patch 2.2 Through the Maelstrom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zueQqbWhZeo


A close-up of Hayley in her Paladin gear. Right now I'm trying to get through the story quests before getting her stronger armor using the ancient money to pay for it. I am currently in Patch 2.4 content out of Patch 2.55, which will be sometime soon. I'll have to battle the Lady of Frost, Shiva, as the next Primal. Yes, I said Shiva. Even though "Shiva" is a male Hindu god, in the Final Fantasy series, "Shiva" is actually female.

Patch 2.4 Dreams of Ice (also see that this is when I got my Hayley character to become a Ninja, as that's what new profession came out in the game): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI2zFK_Xq38


And here is one of the main characters. She is the Sultana of the city-state called Ul'dah (Oohl-duh). Right now most of the story content has been focusing on turmoil in the city-state, with the Monetarists pulling the strings of having homeless refugees fighting citizens and trying to bring down the government. On top of that, the Monetarists are in leagues with the evil empire that is trying to conquer the land and destroy all governments.. The Sultana is upset by all of this as she does not want her nation to fall. The last patch for the A Realm Reborn is Patch 2.5(5), Before the Fall, hence the downfall of the city-state. The Sultana's race is called Lalafell, and they are a miniature race that are skilled with magic.

Patch 2.5(5) Before the Fall trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj3hGDaDZqI


Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Chloeandeahbafan1 on July 17, 2015, 08:17AM
that awesome it just like hayley

Title: Re: I made "Hayley Westenra" in my online game.
Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on July 19, 2015, 03:49PM
that awesome it just like hayley

Why thank you :) I just got Hayley's gear updated. Not her enhanced artifact armor, but I got her higher iLevel armor and weapons. Even though she just gained Lv52 as a Paladin, she has an iLevel of 116. iLevel is an individual level that empowers a character more, so their stats are enhanced regardless of their own job level. The new gear I got for her Bard job looks great. I'll take a screenshot of it later. Right now I unlocked the expansion "Heavensward" and its content. Last night and this morning, I also unlocked the 3 new jobs.

As a gun wielder, she is a Machinist. During the beginning of Final Fantasy XIV in version 1.0 (the original game that released in 2010), the gun-wielding class called Musketeer (not a job; at the time, jobs were never implemented so we just had a standard class) was hinted at in the game's story and teased to us with a guild/store that specialized in them. Then FFXIV re-released as A Realm Reborn in 2013, and Musketeer was still teased to us players. Finally the current game's expansion, Heavensward, releases and here's Machinist. Its story fills in the gaps of what the Musketeer was going to be, but got fitted for a job. Machinist has robotic turrets that it can deploy so they can attack enemies in a fixed position on the battlefield.

A new job to the series is the Astrologian (astro-low-gian) using a special gadget called a Star Globe, enabling the user to use the power of the stars to heal allies and damage enemies. You also use a divining deck of cards (like tarot reading) to enhance your spells or damage.

Then the great sword (two handed blade that is too heavy to wield with one arm) wielder, my Hayley is a Dark Knight (not like Batman or anything). In the Final Fantasy series, a Dark Knight is widely known as a damage dealer (DPS; damage per second), however in this game Dark Knight is a tank (shielding allies with high health and defense). Since I just unlocked those 3 new jobs on the game, her armor is really pathetic LOL. However I can do these battle events called FATEs (Full-Active Time Events) to quickly get her stronger.

Got the Soul Crystal for Dark Knight:


Got the Soul Crystal for Astrologian:


Got the Soul Crystal for Machinist:


I will update later once I get the special armor (the Artifact) for these 3 jobs, so everyone will have to wait. I think I will prefer Hayley as an Astrologian as the armor looks very nice, and I think my Hayley character will look beautiful in it :)


Summer's here, and what better way to have fun than partake in the Moonfire Faire festival! It starts in a few days, and us players get rewarded swimming suits. Sadly the yukatas from last year's rewards are on the cash shop for purchase if anyone missed out on them (for a fee; yes, you can buy stuff in a cash shop, but it's just for dressing up your character and nothing to give you an advantage against other players). Instead of bikinis for female characters, we get a frilly skirt with a bikini bottom, and male characters get an outfit to look like a sailor! Next year the event will come again, and so will newer models of the yukatas. In case people don't know what a yukata is, it is actually a summertime kimono made out of cotton. I just bought a real one recently at an anime convention, and my girlfriend bought me one for my birthday.

So here's Hayley in one of the yukatas from last year! There are 6 of them in total.



I just got the 2 new swimming suits from this year's summer event of Moonfire Faire. They are old, retro swimming suits. My chocobo (the yellow bird you can ride as a mount in the game) companion is to the right in the photos, but don't mind him. I forgot to mention that I did name him Shenandoah. ;D It is sunrise right now in these pictures.



And here is Hayley celebrating last year's Moonfire Faire and also the 1 year anniversary of the game's release. She's rocking out with a wine bottle spraying everyone who walks by her. My girlfriend got offended by it lol


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Post by: Naraku_Diabolos on September 26, 2015, 11:01AM
I'm not really meaning to bump this thread, but I'll update by saying that currently on the game, I am leveling Hayley's 3 new jobs to Lv50. They are currently (at average) near Lv35, so it will be a good while before I add any new pictures. I'm taking the long way with leveling up by doing quests to obtain gear. On top of that, I will also be doing more crafting by making more gear as my Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist get to Lv50. That means I will also be taking my crafting classes to Lv50 at the same time, as well as my other 3 gathering classes (Botanist, Miner, and Fisherman) because those 3 classes are needed for gathering materials to craft. Once I get those materials, I will be able to make more gear and weapons to save money.


Happy Halloween!



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BIG update with pictures coming up in the next few days (probably at the end of the week or early next week) with my Hayley character! She's not at her level cap (Lv60) and her new Jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist) are still at Lv35, but her other jobs that are at and around Lv50 have something really new coming up that I will be showing off! I will update this post with pictures later on of what she's getting, plus what other upgrades I can do with what she is getting. I'll give you a hint; expect things to be sparkling and glowing! :)


The big update! It took roughly a week to get them all, but these are Hayley's ultimate weapons: the Relic Weapons! There is also a way in the game to upgrade them even further, which I'm doing right now. They are at their first upgrade stage called the Zenith. When you first obtain one, they do not glow. I had to go to this weapon smith in the game who forged them, but he also had a furnace. At the furnace I had to trade the weapon in along with 3 bottles of this elixir (which after all the patch updates, this elixir was cheap to purchase).

Hayley as a Bard with her Artemis Bow Zenith:


Hayley as a Dragoon with her Gae Bolg Zenith:


Hayley as a White Mage with her Thyrus Zenith:


Hayley as a Summoner with her Veil of Wiyu Zenith:


Hayley as a Scholar with her Omnilex Zenith:


Hayley as a Warrior with her Bravura Zenith:


Hayley as a Ninja with her Yoshimitsu Zenith:


Hayley as a Monk with her Sphairai Zenith:


Hayley as a Paladin with her Curtana Zenith and Holy Shield Zenith:


And Hayley as a Black Mage with her Stardust Rod Zenith:


I'm going after this second stage now called the Atma stage. I have to collect these crystals from open world battles; 10 for each weapon, which makes 100 crystals to obtain. I'll do one weapon at a time with upgrading. After that, my weapons will upgrade to Zodiac status, and they change form and have new weapon names!

EDIT: I'm currently working on the Atma stage now with the weapons. I'm almost at the halfway part out of my weapons. The weapons will also have a different color to them and will not be glowing. I will take a picture of them once I got the weapons at the Atma stage.

EDIT 2: So it turns out this next stage (not quite there yet; I'm nearly finished with the White Mage staff, then I have Dragoon and Bard's weapons to do) is going to be a LITERAL grind. I have to go fight monsters and defeat them, so my weapons will absorb their life forces and become stronger, then I have to do a dungeon run, the timed battles, and then solo battles. For. Each. Weapon (minus the sword and shield as they count as one). I'm not even in the middle for this whole process LOL. Here's the layout right now. I'm at the Atma stage. Next one is Animus. I have to do each stage for each weapon lol...


Good thing for the "Light" phase is going to be easy. I can solo the first dungeon on my own (it's a pirate dungeon) and get completion for my weapon at that stage. That's the only easy one. Luckily since Hayley has not achieved her max level in any of her job classes, she can get stronger in any of her professions when I'm undertaking these trials, which is good! :)

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I know that I keep bumping this, but here's a major update. This thread is going to be revamped. How so? I'm actually able to record the cutscenes from the game (the ones that do have spoken and non-spoken dialogue, so you will have to read the ones where it is not spoken) on my computer using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience software.

To record these scenes, I have to close my web browser, iTunes, Skype, everything. It has caused delays in recording before, but I was finally able to record 3 of the chapters. However there are 13 videos total I do need to upload. More will come! You get to see my character being animated and acting along with the other main characters in the story. I'm switching between her job professions so you get to see her wearing different armor with her different weapons (except her 3 new jobs which I need to work on later). You're in for a treat, everyone. I do have a YouTube channel, so the videos will be uploaded to that. As soon as the test video is done uploading (it's actually the first one in the series), I will provide the link with this post. After that, I will give out the link on this post (edited) with the channel so you can stay tuned to see how the story plays out.

Be warned, as this is only the cutscenes I'm uploading. A lot of the minor meat of the game's story isn't in cutscenes, so there may be some missing information. But, enjoy!

EDIT 1: The rest of them will be uploaded over the night. The first one was a success. Enjoy!

EDIT 2: All 13 videos are uploaded now. I'm recording some more, so hang tight. The story gets really good, trust me :)

EDIT 3: The next 18 videos were uploaded overnight. They may be out of order on the listing, but look for the "Chapter #" and then the "Part #" to know the order of the story. I'll record more videos today, then convert them into a smaller file size (one video was recorded at 1.5 GB! I got it down to 836 MB from converting it) before uploading to YouTube. I think I will be doing 3 Chapters a day of recording, then uploading them overnight to YouTube.

I have already just beaten the expansion pack story for the game, too. It was REALLY good. Those scenes for that story will be uploaded much later because I don't want to rush ahead and leave out all the good parts leading up until then. The story wouldn't make any sense then! :)

EDIT 4: I will warn you, the cutscenes from the patch 2.55 are crucial leading up to the story of the expansion. One cutscene is over 50 minutes long! I don't know how I will do that one, unless it is broken up into parts. I'd might do something funny with Hayley (my character) for the starting cutscene for the expansion. It involves the northern city-state called Ishgard, which is wrapped in an eternal winter. My character had to cross the bridge in a raging blizzard. I may have her do that scene in a swimming suit just for kicks!

EDIT 5: I have a new 16 batch of videos being uploaded tonight while I'm asleep. It's going to be the climax battle that my Hayley character will have to deal with. With powerful demi-gods posing a threat to suck the land clean of energy, the evil empire has a weapon to harness energy. It will be Hayley's duty to form alliances with other players (who are not shown in the videos, but they will be if I am playing the game) to take down the empire's stronghold in the upcoming videos in the near future. After that, there is going to be conflict in the one city-state as something shocking will happen. Hayley gets caught up in it and gets framed for helping murder. My character, that is, hah.

EDIT 6: I got Hayley up to Patch 3.1 now and finished it. There's a new threat on the horizon, and it mirrors what my character is striving to do...only that it's...the dark side.

EDIT 7: There have been some problems recording with my software, so I am trying to look into it. There will be some scenes I am recording that are quite long. One of them is almost up to 10 minutes long. Oh, and this is a trailer of something my Hayley character will have to go through for Patch 3.2... You might find plastic baby dolls more creepy after viewing this trailer. I'm sure if my character saw it, she would never want to look at a doll again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZET2yYZLN8

EDIT 8: So I figured out why I was having problems recording. Not only that, but with NVIDIA driver installations, my monitor would turn off and wouldn't come back on, so I had to do a hard reboot. Well, there was a new graphics driver today. Installed it normally, but had that problem with the monitor. Once it rebooted, I thought, "Why not do a clean install?" Did that and no problems! I think there were some registry errors with the graphics driver installation causing problems, but not only that but with recording on the GeForce Experience software. I will test recording tomorrow to see if that works. Fingers crossed! Hayley's story for 2.0 A Realm Reborn will be wrapping up soon in the video journal! She will be storming the imperial base taking down the evil generals, and if you are following the videos to the last ones I uploaded, the sinister group known as the Ascians. After that story, the Primal deities are showing up with more frequency with those evil Ascians, leading up to a downfall of the city-state of Ul'dah and then the journey to the closed off city, the Holy See of Ishgard.

There's going to be the Little Ladies Day seasonal event coming up soon (based on Japan's Little Girls Day in which young girls in a family are given dolls), but sadly there is no St. Patrick's day event on the game. I will be taking pictures of my Hayley character in her pink yukata (luckily this time since the new graphics runtime of DirectX 11 has been released, I will get better lighting and shadows, and see how the cherry/peach blossom effects are) dancing and also hanging out with my friends on the game. I will see if my company of friends can show up so I can get my Hayley to be with a crowd of people this time!

EDIT 9: Got the last cutscenes recorded for the game of 2.0. I have to get them converted to a smaller file size before uploading them to YouTube. I will be doing that Friday night all the way into the weekend. There is a lot of dialogue that isn't voiced, so you have to read it, but near the end of it all it is voiced. Please try to watch the videos, even there is no spoken dialogue. I am sure you will like the story of this game, and see if a character based on the real Hayley Westenra is truly a champion in her own right.

The reason I chose the name for this character Hayley Westenra was not only for my love and admiration towards her, but I have read about her past and saw how wonderful of a person she became. Starting out as a normal girl, the real Hayley rose to stardom and has helped the world through generosity such as UNICEF and even other smaller charities. In my eyes, the real Hayley Westenra is a champion who has accomplished a lot in her life. With such beauty, a loving heart, and talent, she is a star. To me, she is a heroine.

EDIT 10: After messing around with converting (just to see if I could use another format called HEVC that can have the same video quality but at a lower file size), it distracted me all weekend so now I am just starting to upload the batch of videos. They should be done uploading by tomorrow, however it's only 17 videos on this one. I will add the next batch within the next few days (preferably overnight), and then start recording the scenes from Patches 2.1 to 2.55 that lead up to 3.0 and 3.1. Take note; there is two elven characters in these next series of cutscenes that are very important story-wise. The first elf is named Haurchefant (horsh-eh-fah) and the second is Ser Aymeric (sir am-rick). Both play a key role leading up towards the expansion pack and possibly beyond, but one of the two befalls a tragic end in 3.0. I'm not going to tell you who, but with how one of them supports you throughout your early adventure, his ending story will make you upset. Both Haurchefant and Ser Aymeric play key rolls in the expansion as well within the Holy See of Ishgard (hint: Holy See is also a term used for the Catholic Church, which the city of Ishgard is almost based upon the Vatican in the way the city looks, but not so much as to how the city's religious beliefs play out).

EDIT 11: Take it as you will, but some of my recent videos that I uploaded to YouTube have been deleted. Whether or not it was because of copyright infringement or what, I will see which ones got deleted and re-upload them. I did not get any messages as to why they were removed, so I'll try to put them up again. Right when I got the action-packed cutscenes of having my Hayley character raiding an enemy fortress, too! Well, 2 fortresses. I am also upgrading her Ninja armor at the moment and I have started on her ultimate weapon from the expansion pack. I will work on that as well get her other jobs, crafting, and gathering classes leveled up, too. I did take some pictures of my character for the recent in-game holiday. I'll try to post pictures of the new outfit, a Japanese suikan, up on this thread this weekend.

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 Sorry for not updating this thread! I've been so busy with work that I have not been able to play my game, but I will be starting up again by playing in the fall since my job is in its slower season and I will have more time to play the game (I work in a garden department at Lowes now).

Coming up in the next few weeks, the special summer event of Moonfire Faire is going to begin! This year, we don't get yukata for the male and female characters. This time, we are getting...


Super Sentai! AKA, Power Rangers! ::) :D Hayley will be getting some Ranger armor that I can dye different colors.

Also this fall, and if this releases, I will also be getting a new graphics card that will be less expensive. If this version of the NVIDIA graphics card, the GeForce 1060 Ti, releases, I will buy it. I will then have better framerate for my game and I will also get a Solid State Drive for my desktop next year, too, so recording the videos will be much easier and run more smoothly. Probably a 2TB hard drive since I have a regular 2TB drive currently.

EDIT: Another reason I'm waiting to play the game later with new PC upgrades is because I occasionally have my whole computer freeze on me when playing the game. I do not know if the graphics card gets stressed out or what causes it, but I hate it when it happens. Especially if I am doing something important on the game. That is also the reason why I have not updated this thread with new pictures or have played the game for more than 30 minutes recently.

I will also record new videos later once I have my computer upgraded with new parts, and I may take down the current videos on YouTube. Why? When I have the better graphics card and new SSD hard drive, my game will run super fast (it would run faster if I were to get a 4K HD monitor at above 60 frames per second!) and recording will be more smooth. Hopefully no more crashes after that!