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Title: Woman's Way Magazine article
Post by: CWazyTom on November 16, 2017, 12:36AM
Mairead Carlin was featured in this months issue of Woman's Way Magazine.

A picture of the article was posted by Mairead on Facebook on Nov 15, 2017:

It's a good Q+A article.

A few highlights:
- Mairead and Ronan met in February (2016), got engaged that April, and got married that September. Quite a year! <3
- Celtic Woman has something very special planned for next summer  :o

Any guesses as to what the big surprise is?

It seems a little too far in advance to be a DVD (and too soon after Homecoming), but I suppose it's possible at some super-cool venue that had to be booked well in advance (maybe some place like Red Rocks).

It could be a new album, but again, it seems unusual that it would be very far along in the planning stages this far in advance.

There could be a summer tour in an area they haven't been too in a while or at all. Too warm in the summer for them to finally perform in Hawaii, most likely.

Maybe a feature on some special or movie?