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Title: Chloë's Q+A (Feb 11, 2018)
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On February 11, 2018, Chloë did a live Q+A on Facebook.

It had some good information and lots of that patented Chloë cheerfulness.

Here's a link to the video:

Spoilers below.


Chloë's new EP
- Chloë got another round of masters for the new EP she's been working on
- The songs include ones she wrote
- She wants to take her time and make sure the final result is something she can really be proud of

Upcoming Shows
- She posted new tour dates on her web site
- Chloë talked about her upcoming orchestra shows this spring. I finally get to see Chloë with an orchestra (unless the roads are super-bad). So excited!
- She's planning to perform Like An Angel during her orchestra shows this spring
- She's planning to do some shows in Europe this year
- She might do some more shows with Nathan Carter this year
- If Lisa Kelly does a show this year, Chloë plans to perform with her

Love Songs For You
- Chloë talked about her upcoming StageIt show on February 18 at 7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST)
- There's still time to put in a song request, through Facebook or through the email address on her web site.
- She says you can requests songs for her live shows, but of course would only consider doing songs that she already knows. She's not going to wing it on stage.
- She hinted there might be a Celine Dion song during the show
- She a preview song for her StageIt show: Can't Help Falling In Love With You

- I asked Chloë about her favourite charities
- Though she's not super-partial to any particular charity, she says anything that supports children or animals would be great

Personal Experience
- Chloë gave me multiple shout-outs, acknowledged a few of my jokes and answered my questions. She's not opposed to trying a song in a valley girl accent  :D
- Out of all the amazing fans she has I felt really flattered receive any of her attention
- Pretty much everyone that's see Chloë knows that she makes your experience personal and knows how to make her fans feel special


Spoilers above.

Title: Re: Chloë's Q+A (Feb 11, 2018)
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Here's some screencaps from Chloë's Q+A

(https://s5.postimg.org/wvlbvmx5j/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_3c.png) (https://s5.postimg.org/lw04k1m5z/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_6c.png)
(https://s5.postimg.org/rwxth367b/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_1c.png) (https://s5.postimg.org/nb1p8qsdz/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_2c.png)
(https://s5.postimg.org/9u4qpvps7/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_4c.png) (https://s5.postimg.org/wk3vihqvr/2018_-_Feb_-_Chloe_QA_7c.png)

Title: Re: Chloë's Q+A (Feb 11, 2018)
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It seems that one of the pictures had been mirrored.