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Hey folks, I used Microsoft Word to type the stories my brain inspired me to do, so here's one of them:

Disgrace of the Egyptian Religions

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt, there was a ram-headed (or falcon-headed) god named Ra. He lived with all the other rightful gods and goddesses including my favorite one; Bastet the cat of love and joy who brings protection, music and dance to those who really cherish the good things. For so many generations, all of these gods were loved by living people. But after the birth of Akhenaten, he grew into an adult and rejected these gods to make the sun god named Aten. And that kicked Ra out of his place. Just about 10 years or a bit more, Ra and his family were still rejected and he was crying due to his replacement. Then, his daughter Bastet came to him and asked him, “Father, what happened?” He said in despair, “My daughter, we all have been loved for so many years, but we have been rejected by that false god.” “Don’t worry, father,” she said while consoling him. “I can say that Aten is your enemy and when Akhenaten and Nefertiti were married, I assure you that they will name their boy Tutankhamen. And in the next years, he will keep his name as it is to bring us back into position.” “She’s right,” said the lioness-headed Tefnut. “my mother Iisaaset and I are always loyal to you and we will stay by your side no matter what.” “So father,” said Bastet. “if you want to get your position back, I’ll get my brother Horus. He did a virtuous deed for Osiris whom Isis had mourned over.” And, so she did as she mentioned. The minutes later, she came to her hawk-headed brother Horus and she asked him what he did for his parents. He said, “Well, my cat-headed sister, as you know, my parents are both completely human. Do you know my mother Isis? She mourned over my father before he resurrected. After this, I was born and was asked to fight my beast-headed uncle Seth because he was a murderer.” After their conversation was finished, Bastet took Horus to Tefnut who later joined them in siblinghood. They also called Anubis the Jackal, Bat the Cow, Thoth the Ibis, Meretseger the Snake, Khnum the Ram and the all-human gods named Anuket, Amunet, Hathor, Ma’at, Mut, Nut, Nephtys, Satet, even the green-skinned Ptah and of course the black-skinned Min who came to join the three animal-headed children of Ra for an emergency meeting. While Bastet was talking to all of these gods about their need, her human sister Serket was a bit concerned in shock that innocent people were abused. So she quickly warned all the summoned gods and goddesses saying, “I saw so many people who defy the false religion tortured and I must get down there to heal them.” “Indeed,” said Anubis. “if they die, I’ll supervise the embalming to them.” “Don’t worry, my human sister,” said Bastet to Serket. “You’ll get the others to save the innocent people. I’ll sing my father a song to calm him down.” Then to Anubis, she said, “Anubis, why don’t you join my human sister for the aid of the innocent?” “It’ll be my pleasure, Bastet,” he said. And he went away with Serket. While Bastet sang a song to Ra, the other gods and goddesses planned a way to go against Aten, so Bat said, “It gives my heart pain to see how Egypt is like this.” “Yes,” said Meretseger in a hissing agreement. “I also have a feeling we must be needed back.” “So, what do we do?” asked Bat and Thoth said, “I shall say we can let Tutankhamen make his own choice. If he chose to bring us back, we would all be happy.” “That’s exactly what I like to hear,” said Khnum nodding his head. And then in loyalty to Ra, the gods and goddesses went to fight Aten. Meanwhile, Serket and Anubis witnessed every person in the Egyptian lands to see if they were fine or damaged. If they were damaged, she would be able to take them to their homes and heal them. If they were killed in an instant, he would get the servants to have them embalmed. So in connection to the gods and goddesses fighting Aten, she punished Akhenaten by sending poisonous snakes to him for the disgrace of the old traditions. The radical Pharaoh tried to get away by running, but one of the poisonous snakes leapt upon him and bit him on the arm. And he fell on the ground to his weakness getting a few minutes close towards the time to death. Also with Aten defeated and vanquished, the gods and goddesses tossed him away deep down into the dark underworld where he would be consumed by Ammut who devoured Seth as I’m thinking. Later on, peace and prosperity was restored in Egypt and returning to Bastet who was still comforting dear Ra, Serket reported them saying, “The youngest pharaoh Tutankhamen has chosen to bring us back in his grandfather’s honor.” And finally, Ra started to get happy as he heard her words. He said, “Finally, I get to be Egypt’s righteous sun god!” and he had his position back. All his children were also overjoyed that he regained his role and every god and goddess organized a party in his honor. After the complete embalming and burial of Akhenaten, Anubis returned to where all the other gods were. “Can I join you?” he asked. And Nephtys replied, “Of course, my dear, we took care of the false god that Tut’s father had made really.” So, he joined every other god and goddess for Ra’s celebration and as of the people in king Tut’s generation, they rejoiced their lives, living animals, homes and land with the old ways back as well. Everything was back to normal like in the past generations and all lived happily ever after.

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