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Believe, this is not a thread about Catholicism. It is a thread about "The Lord Of The Rings". And if Catholics are "good" or "wrong" or whatever is unimportant for this thread. The only thing I said is that Tolkien indeed was a Catholic  while Isabella said he couldn't be one, because he was a Christian. The fact is, that Tolkien was a Catholic. He statet so himself. His wife who was protestant converted to Catholicism for him. If you think Catholics are right or wrong or not even Christians is your personal view, but that doesn't change Tolkien's confession.

And yes, in the Catholic church the Pope is a high authority, he is the successor of Simon Peter. But he doesn't "get you to heaven" nor do "works in Christ's name". But that is clearly not the point of Catholicism. And not the point of this thread. And not the point of LOTR. And not the point of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, who was a Roman Catholic. C. S. Lewis was, by the way, an Anglican turned Atheist, turned Anglican, turned Catholic.

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