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Author Topic: Mason's Apron  (Read 1771 times)
« on: April 11, 2010, 12:45AM »

This is a favourite session tune in Ireland, and has been played and recorded by many of the best fiddlers, including Máiréad.
It is a challenging tune on any instrument.

There is a great discussion about this tune on
If you use the tabs along the top, there is the sheet music, and "comments" in which musicians swop their notes and methods.

Here is Seán McGuire's version....granted he wasn't as pretty as Máiréad, but he was The Master, and certainly gave
 those young musicians a run for their money as they tried to keep up!

Here is Matt Malloy of the Chieftains, playing it on the flute:

Here is Máiréad....the Mason's Apron starts at 2:03:

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