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Author Topic: Flash Cookies and How to Delete Them  (Read 21545 times)
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From time to time, things go wrong with the chat. You go in only to see that the layout is wrong and the text is wonky and nothing you do fixes it. Fear not, there is a solution! However, before you read my nice how to, try leaving the chat and going back in. That occasionally fixes the problem and is far easier then what I'm about to have you do.

Your computer is full of cookies, cookies that the internet gives your computer to help you along, track you, whatever. In the forum's case, it stores a cookie with things like your username, and session length and whether or not you want to always stay logged in. A lot of times you'll hear people tell you to empty your cookies and temporary internet files to see if that fixes a problem you're having, doing so will delete the forum's cookie and after you'll have to log back into the forum so that it can give you a new cookie. All of that is pretty run of the mill and something most of us have had to deal with at one point in time or another. The chat, however, is a Flash based program and therefore uses Flash cookies which are an entirely different thing and you can't delete them by using your browsers built in cookie options. Flash cookies are different and store all types of information, like what color your text is in the chat and what level you were on in your favorite online game. And if you can't get the chat to work right it's usually because your Flash cookie for the chat has gotten messed up. You have a broken cookie. To remedy this do the following:

1) Leave the chat and don't go back in till you're done.

2) Go to this website:

3) On that page you should see a box that looks like this:

That is your Flash cookie manager. From here you have two options, you can either push the Delete all sites button or you can search through the list and delete only the chat's cookie. If you've never done this before you probably have quite a list built up so the easiest thing to do is delete all the cookies. Please keep in mind that if you're in the middle of some epic flash based game somewhere on the web and you don't want to loose all your progress, deleting all your Flash cookies would be a very bad idea. The chat cookie is conveniently titled (see below). Select it then push the Delete website button to remove the chat's Flash cookie. That's all there is to it, that should fix any problem you have with the chat.

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