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Author Topic: Meet & Greet Tickets  (Read 4300 times)
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« on: February 21, 2011, 03:07PM »

Hello all!

This has been a question lingering in my mind for quite some time now. When Celtic Woman comes to perform a concert in my city, what is the exact process one must go through to acquire meet and greet tickets? Attending a CW meet and greet has been a major dream of mine for a while, and I'm certain it would be a spiritually refreshing experience.  Smiley

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As an European I do not have any experience with it. But this is directly quoted from the FAQ, should help you out  Smiley :

Q: How do I get Meet & Greet tickets?

A: Meet & Greets (M&G) are a special arrangement between Celtic Woman and the local PBS and therefore tickets are only available through that PBS. Usually the M&G tickets and concert tickets are sold together during the PBS's pledge drive. There are only a limited number of M&G tickets available and they're sold on a first come first served basis.
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What Mary has quoted there is essentially correct ... Meet & Greet tickets are only available through the PBS station which is sponsoring the concert you are attending.  They are primarily offered during Pledge drives and are technically not "sold" but are offered as a "Thank You Gift" in return for a pledge to that particular station.  The Pledge size varies depending on the station and what all is included.

Some stations will only allow these to be obtained during their pledge shows, while other stations will allow you to contact the station directly, both before and after the pledge show airs.  Since there are usually no more than 20-40 M&G spots available, they usually go very fast.

Sometimes you can find someone who has an extra M&G pass available here on the forums at this link:
This is usually because these are often sold as pairs, so if someone pledges for a pair, but is actually attending solo, they may offer the second ticket and/or pass for someone who's interested.
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Another important thing to note is that not every Celtic Woman performance has a Meet & Greet scheduled with it.  For example, neither of the two shows in May in San Antonio, Texas, has a Meet & Greet.  I inquired, and the reason I was given by the folks at the local PBS station is that the venue (the Majestic Theatre) is not large enough to have one.  Apparently there is not much of any backstage area or rooms where such a thing can be done. (Darnit!)
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Yeah the show in Grand Prairie does not have M&G either.  My friend, Maria Necastro, Martha and I were going and I was hoping to introduce them to them with a M&G but not happening.  I got the like 7-8 & 9th seats, tho so I should be close enough to show her "my angels"!  I think they will know we are there tho'. ... if you know what I mean...

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