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Now that CW has been touring for quite a few years..... does David still travel with the group.....Does he still play and conduct with them, or just watch?

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Sometimes he plays but normally it's Brian Connor who play at piano. Since the beginning of Songs From The Heart Tour 2010 he doing an announcement before the show and before the 2nd Act, "Please to turn of your cellphone and not to film the show or taking pictures". And in this tour 2011, sometimes it was in the audience like a spectator Cheesy
But I think he's always on tour Smiley

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Actually, no David is generally not on tour with the group.  He always plays and directs the orchestra for the DVD recordings (since the orchestra is not on tour, that responsibility obviously does not exist) and he does go to a few shows each tour, usually remaining in the audience to observe and see how everything is going, work on possible changes if something needs it, etc.  I believe he does actually take the stage on occasion, but that is much more rare.  Also, the announcement made at the beginning of each act of the show is recorded and has been the same thing for several years (the wording is always the same ... I have no idea if it's re-recorded each year, but it's certainly not done live).
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