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Author Topic: 'The journey goes on, as your love ever nears' ~ Celtic Woman in Utrecht  (Read 6623 times)
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:01PM »

Well, how to begin... there is no way I can describe those things with justice. But let's give it a try.

My day started awfull. I have been very tired lately, dealing with health issues and trying to get used to to the rush of the school of arts. Some of you know about my autism and some of you might not know yet, anyway, the long days and new impressions have made me emotionally exhaused too. And tuesday was a real downer, I won't bore you with going into detail about that. Anyway, believe it or not, the last thing what was on my mind that day was the Celtic Woman-concert.

Well, then the evening was there, was going with my two buddies Irma and Iris who were all excitement, me too, just a little less.. yet. Got to meet Saskia(Egwene) and her mother beforehand. We already had talked to each other on twitter but hadn't met each other yet, so it was cool to finally meet her.

Then, I realized how close we sat, and started to get nervous  Tongue Was sitting row two, practically in the middle before the stage, perfect seats compared with how far back I sat in Düsseldorf. When they came out they were recieved with wild applause, although I didn't even dare to look them straight into the eyes  Roll Eyes Cheesy The day off obviously had done them well, they all looked fantastic and full of energy. I'm not going to bore everyone with a song-by-song review, they are already tons of it and we all know by them know. The following things are just the moments which stood out for me and some observations.

The audience was with the first three songs still a bit stiff, which worried me a bit, but it wouldn't take long before everyone was cheering and clapping!  Cheesy

My Heart Was Home again. I did not care that much for it when I heard in Düsseldorf to be honest, but this time I LOVED it. It works pretty well for a duet, two women singing about their love, perhaps things they regret and will do? The song is interpretable. It could be a good bar-song. Fantastic. Can't wait to have a recording of it.

Granuaile's Dance brought the building down. It's a huge favorite of my friend Irma who usually starts dancing in circles when it starts, but since there was not enough room for that she turned circles with her her hands  Cheesy No idea or M saw it, I hope so. The old fellow next to me was obviously tired of keeping on track with her  :DA few strings were killed too, people clapped, cheered, screamed. You get it. 'Just' a common Máiréad-performance  Cool

Mo Ghile Mear was the wonderfull ending of a spectacular first act. I hadn't paid that much attention to Andy Riley yet, but this time he had a good game with Ray who could damage everyone's ears the most. The crowd must have motivated him too  Grin Hadn't noticed either yet that he is so fine looking *bows head in shame*. Another advantage of sitting up close.

During intermission I got to talk to Saskia and her mom, and met Evi and Lisette too. In Düsseldorf I missed the forum-gathering so it was nice to finally meet them. There wasn't much time to talk though.

Amazing Grace... this time it was much more intense. Sitting up close must have made a difference, but the accoustics were slightly better too than my first concert. Chloë added a few impressive notes to her part, LisaK's voice was stronger than ever and LL's voice just soared. You could feel the power. No words to describe it.

Dulàman was freaking adorable. Admit that I was curious or LL would speak Dutch  Cool Nope, ah well, talents do have their limits  Grin Glad that the people got the joke. I still prefer Méav's version, who is the queen of Gaeilige to me. But miss Lambe was on fire, she gets an A+ for performance.

I was much more able to appreciate Walking The Night this time. Lisa and Chloë obviously did try their best to have the softness in their voices which is required for the song, although some smile moments felt slightly inappropriate. But I won't be complaining. Sadness and sorrow is just as part of our humanity as love and joy, I'm glad CW sings about it. Give Me Your Hand (Prepare for a scream from across the pond when I have this on cd) left me once again moved. I was holding hand with my two friends and although we did not say, we felt the message and sent it to each other too. I thought the ladies saw it too, although I might be projecting this one. The audience definately loved it too. With the debts-crisis, new plans of the government for the care-sector (which aren't that well.. yes, I'm interested in politics) is fear becoming strong here. We must never forget to reach for each other's hand.

At The Ceili was BADASS!  Grin Wished I had a pair extra eyes because things were happening everywhere on stage. LK was having a flirt with Tommy (Saying it again... wish I had their flirting skills  Roll Eyes), LL was hilarious and adorable with comforting her choir guys, and Chloë was on fire. Just wish, but that's a small thing, that she would sing her part less 'dramatic' I think her part could be a bit done more softer, but that's personal. Not big enough to be a bother. Loved the performance, well received at the end. Can't imagen that I didn't like when I first heard it.

The Last Rose Fantasia was fantastic. I think the perfect description came from Frenchlaly: it's as if we could listen the fiddle crying. My hands are still hurting from clapping to the The Mason's Apron  Roll Eyes Got a smile from her too. To be honest, on the dvd it was a bit of a dissappointment for me. Live is it a hoot. Still, I think there are better pieces for Máiréad and the drummers to do their skills more justice.

And of course those things end too soon, so Máiréad started to rock out on the finale. You've got to be good to beat that smoking piece. Everyone was on their feet again when the ladies came out. Chloë thanked the audience for coming and for giving such a good response, and confirmed that they will be back. People on the back started footstomping, the ladies must be used to standing ovations, but you gotta love that amazed look on their face  Cheesy Singing and dancing alone to Spanish lady, and than.. it was over.

Outside was there a nice after performance of Anthony (Hoping you'll get it too Ben....  Tongue) and people were talking about the show. They've made some new fans here and did the expectations of their old fans justice!

Travelling home these lyrics from Loreena Mckennit's song: Never-Ending Road came into my mind as I was thinking afterwards about this concert, I think they reflect well what Celtic Woman did that night in The Netherlands, what they do for everyone.

Whenever a storm comes
Whatever our fears
The journey goes on
As your love ever nears

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and so few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands

You could say this show was a bit more special to me than my first one. The journey goes on and whenever it will end, there are people who care about you and there is beauty which must not be over-looked. Thank you ladies, once again.

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Wonderful review! It was really great to meet you! Too bad there wasn't more time to talk to you. We'll meet again for sure! Grin
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Great review! Cheesy

Yes, I hope so too! Cheesy Maybe even a small gig with him sometime? Wink Who knows! Grin
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There was Dutch talking during the concert.
When Chloë first spoke she said Dank Je Wel.

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Thanks Saskia and Ben!  Cheesy

There was Dutch talking during the concert.
When Chloë first spoke she said Dank Je Wel.

Oh okay, I missed that then  Smiley
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