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Author Topic: Denver ACC Concert - My Thoughts and Observations  (Read 2737 times)
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« on: December 23, 2011, 02:32PM »

Fellow Forumites:

As usual, there have been several excellent detailed reviews of the ACC Symphony Tour Concert.  Accordingly, as has been my practice, rather than giving a blow-by-blow review of the show, I’d like to give you a few of my personal observations and thoughts about the Concert I had the good fortune to attend in Denver this past Wednesday, 12/21/11.

•   First, as noted in another Forumite’s review, the Concert Hall was new and not overly decorated.  However, it was a bit smaller than most of the other venues I’ve attended concerts in.  So, in my view, it provided a bit more intimacy and connection between the audience and the Ladies.  Of course, this greatly enhanced the experience, particularly for attendees who were new to Celtic Woman – like my Friends whom I invited to attend with me.

•   Per usual, David did an outstanding job with the blend of songs – many of which appear on the original ACC CD and DVD.  I also was very pleased with the inclusion of a few non-Christmas songs because:  1) it gave Mairead more to do; and 2) gave attendees who were new to Celtic Woman some broader insight into the range of their talent and the quality of their music.  

•   The Ladies were clearly having fun with one another, the orchestra, and the audience.  Several times throughout the Concert, they engaged in discussions (even banter) with the audience, which, again, greatly enhanced the intimacy of the show.

•   Because this was Lisa Kelly’s last Concert in the U.S. for the foreseeable future (i.e., through the Believe Tour beginning in February), there were some bittersweet and emotional moment during the Concert – it really hit me during You Raise Me Up.  These, however, enhanced (rather than detracted from) the entire Concert experience.  

•   Perhaps it was because the many of the audience members were new to Celtic Woman, or it was a Christmas Show, but when Mairead asked the audience at the introduction to You Raise Me Up, the initial shout outs were completely wrong.  Finally, after some entertaining back and forth, someone (probably a Forumite) shouted out the correct song.  

•   Since their original show, I’ve been waiting (even sent them a few messages requesting it) for one of the Ladies to do the Schubert version of Ave Maria.   So, I was beyond thrilled when Chloe did it at the Fox Theater during the Believe taping.  Well, my Friends, as good as that version is (and it’s practically flawless), she nailed it during the Denver ACC Concert; I’ve never heard a more beautiful and pure version of that song.  (As in Atlanta, it brought tears to my eyes.)  Following the Concert, I read her tweet, reporting that she was getting over a fever, working on 3 hours of sleep, and had no rehearsal time with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, which greatly increased my already immeasurably high opinion of Chloe’s talent and professionalism.

•   Auld Lang Syne has never been one of my favorite songs; this changed during the Concert.  The reason for the change was Lisa Lambe’s incredible rendition.  She introduced the song by telling us its history and meaning, and invited us to join in by singing along or by joining hands and swaying to the music.  Then, she delivered the most beautiful version of the song (complete with a Scottish lilt) that I have ever heard.

All in all, (and now I may sound like a broken record – for which I do not apologize), it was one of the best Celtic Woman Concerts I’ve ever attended.  I’m hoping it will tide me over until they return in a few months with the Believe Tour.

In closing, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my Fellow Forumites, the Ladies, and the entire CW Family, a Happy (and safe) Holiday Season and New Year.

Be well,

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Short and sweet Smiley Glad the extra emotion didn't take away from the show. Can't wait to hear the play by play accounts, from the tidbits I already have.

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I loved the banter between the girls! That was a lot of fun to watch! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bob!
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