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Charlotte 2/21
For those who know me, I go to my CW shows completely unaware of what the stage will look like or the playlist. I like the not knowing and being totally surprised when I get there.  So when I see the stage I am completely in awe. It’s beautiful!

I figured they would start with Awakening and I am so excited to hear Susan. The song is amazing and Susan’s voice is great. I like her already! The girls chemistry is great and their smiles are infectious.
I instantly know the next song when I hear the Bohrans. Dulaman! I am glad they kept this song because Lisa does an excellent job. I notice she does not play the spoons but I know Lisa will play them later on.

Chloe comes out to talk and for some reason the spot light goes out and Chloe is like “ohh” and so she walks to the far spotlight way left but the other spot light appears next to her and she starts towards it but whoever is operating the light tries to catch up with her and missed her and it finally lands on her. Chloe laughs as we all do.  Chloe does an excellent job with Nocturne and she hits the high notes flawlessly.

Sailing is next and I like how they have changed up the beginning with the whistle instead of bagpipes. It adds a nice touch and the girls harmonize so well in this song. 

Chloe talks about A Woman’s Heart and the girls blend so well during this song.

Susan stays to sing Follow On except the spotlight is too low and her head is left in the dark but not for long. I am left wondering if I will like her version. It doesn’t take me long to love it and I love her high notes at the end. Susan has made this song hers.

Next I realized the left doors of the auditorium are being opened and in comes Lisa! She starts La Laing and sits near a man. Then the right doors open and in comes Chloe! She starts La laing and what follows is a funny banter of La las between Chloe and Lisa. Chloe’s facial expressions are hysterical. They go up the stage and Susan is there and stops the girls. Then she starts La laing and Chloe is like “Not her now!” LOL it has us laughing and they start Teir Abhaile Riu. I love this song and they girls have so much fun doing it!

Granuaile’s Dance is next and I am surprised they kept this one too! I have always liked this song and the crowd does too.

Chloe introduces Danny Boy and they sit for this song adding a bit of comfort to the song.  I haven’t really been a fan of this song but CW has always done a nice version of it.

Next is Mo Ghile Mear! I am really excited for this song because I absolutely love it! ( I call it my Fire Song LOL) Susan does a fantastic job at it and Chloe and Lisa are just too fun to watch as they dance away and smile. Mairead is all over the place and I can hardly keep up with her lol
Act 1 ends

When Act 2 begins I hear the bagpipe and turn around. There is Anthony with his bagpipe walking down the aisle and makes his way on stage for Amazing Grace. This is one of the times when I wish I could just freeze this moment in time because the girls look amazing in their dresses and with Anthony in the background, it’s perfect.

Then Chloe comes out and asks us if we can help her with this next song and I instantly know what song she is talking about! Green Grow the Rushes O. So she tells us the lines and we are a timid bunch so Chloe has us try 3 times and at one point, the lights are turned on us so she can see us sing lol. Finally she calls out Lisa and the songs starts. We sing along and I can tell the crowd is starting to finally wake up lol

Lisa stays and sings A Spaceman Came A Traveling and she’s perfect.  The choir and percussion are great in this song.

Walking the Night/Songs from the Heart are next and it doesn’t disappoint. So glad they added this to the DVD and CD. I hope they keep these in the show for awhile.

Water is Wide is next and Susan is perfect.  The bagpipes are lovely and I like the guitar. Susan belts out the last few lines and I am already hoping Susan will stay when Lisa K comes back.

Susan introduces Tribute to Broadway. She and Chloe’s voices blend very well in this song and out comes Lisa to do Circle of Life and they do a fantastic job.

Chloe is next with Ave Maria. I notice she has a mic stand and I know why. With the mic in the stand, she can use her hands when she sings without holding it. She sings with such emotion in this song, it’s really moving.

You’ll Never Walk Alone is absolutely moving. The girls really get into it by the end and with the lighting, I am not sure if I am really here or dreaming.

Mairead is next and she talks about Women Of Ireland/ Mná na hÉireann. She performs is well and the duel between her and Craig is fun.

Then Girls comes out and Chloe says it’s time to say goodbye and I realize what song they are going to play next, The Parting Glass. It’s a very moving song and the girls all hug at the end and then leave the stage.

We are left clapping and shouting for more and Mairead comes out to play her Finale, MGM  and solo parts by musicians, even Craig comes back out to dance some more! Finally the Girls come back out and Chloe says thanks and  for the next part to have fun and At the Celi plays out.
We are left shouting and clapping and wanting more. Sadly I don’t have a M&G this year but I am on Cloud 9 anyways.

I did notice they did not sing Black is the Colour or Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I was really looking forward on hearing these two songs but I am sure it was hard  figuring out which songs to keep and not. So overall I am happy with the show. The stage was amazing, the best yet and the lighting is by far the best too.
David Downes was sitting a few rows behind me but he snuck off before the show ended because I looked for him and couldn’t find him lol

I did get to see some forums members and it was very nice seeing you all!

Thanks Lindsey
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Good review Cheesy I really love it.

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love the review!  sounds like fun! (totally hoping now i get my front row, to the side, seats for rcmh! fingers crosse!)  but sounds like you had a good time! Smiley

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Great review, Trouble! It was fun to read about your show and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for the review, Trouble!


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love the review!  sounds like fun! (totally hoping now i get my front row, to the side, seats for rcmh! fingers crosse!)  but sounds like you had a good time! Smiley

Enjoy RCMH wish I could make it this year, and great reviw, I can't wait till wallingford

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Thanks Trouble for the well written review! I enjoyed your "take" very much.

Glad you had a great time!
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Great review.
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