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Author Topic: Roanoke VA 2/28/12 - The Return of the Spoons!  (Read 1296 times)
Don S
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« on: February 29, 2012, 04:46PM »

Sorry for the delay, but getting home after the show was interesting to say the least..

I had only expected to make one show this year, but as Mike (MrPeabody) had an extra ticket with M&G available and I just couldn't pass the chance up.  I met Mike, Jason, his Lassie and Mom (I'm notoriously bad with names, sorry ladies) for a pre show dinner then we headed for the venue.  I don't think that the staff knew quite what to do with us as I had my two Celtic Woman kites along with wine for the girls in my bag (and Mike had his traditional box of Flakes).  But after assuring them that the wine and chocolate were gifts for the girls and that we did in fact have Meet & Greet passes we were passed through the doors.

Our seats were orchestra right in row G, the eighth row from the stage, which  certainly wasn't expected given that we had M&G passes and that pretty much eliminated the chance of direct interaction with the girls.  I know that Mike talked with the PBS folks about that but the seats were far better than the ones I have for this Saturdays show in Fairfax.  There were about 8 empty seats in the pit (row 2) that we were looking at as the show started, but they were filled after "The Awakening" (no ISU tonight).  I'm glad they made those folks wait until between songs, people entering during songs is one of my pet peeves (oh so distracting)!

I'm not a sound engineer, but the sound seemed quite good even though we were almost directly in front of the main speakers (which can trick your ears in my experience).  Máiréad's Hendricks(ish) bow twangs during her solos were picked up beautifully.

Although this was my first show this tour, it looks like some minor (and not so minor) changes were made.  First off Shane McVicker is now on piano as Brian has departed.  The ladies stood for "Danny Boy" as opposed to being seated on stools, and the spoons were back for "Dulamon" (Yea!).

It took prompting from the band and  Máiréad (as we know when she shakes her bow at you, you had better listen) to get people to clap along, but finally quite a few did.  The two of us were the only ones to give Máiréad standing ovations after her solos.  But at least they spontaneously gave Chloë one after "Ave Maria".  Chloë really nailed that one last night, the hair on the back of my neck and arms was literally standing up it was so wonderfully moving.

Lisa really appeared to make one little girls day during the banter before TAR, and both her and Chloë surprised a couple of gentlemen by sitting in their laps. Susan seems to be getting quite comfortable and I enjoyed her performance especially in the "Salute to Broadway".

While this was my 8th show overall, it was my first meet and greet, I had a new Celtic Woman themed kite for Máiréad and Chloë to sign  (my entry for the National Cherry Blossom Festival's Kite Festival next month), along with the Fiddler Crossing kite for Chloë to sign as Máiréad had already signed it on St Patricks day two years ago.  (She was to fast for me though while I was talking to  Chloë and signed it again before noticing she had signed it already.). I promise to post photos of the kites soon (no doubt Mike already has though). The kite's and my camera are still in the car and it's at the shop.

...And as for the interesting trip home.  Everyone should check their cars emergency kit!  Not having a working flashlight makes changing a blown tire at 2:00am on the side of I-66 no fun at all.  And to add insult to injury, the spare went flat less than 10 miles later (thank goodness for AAA+, it was about a 60 mile tow to the shop near my house).


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I love Celtic Woman and soft sweaters.

« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2012, 09:18PM »

Awesome review!!!  It was an amazing show!

And btw that little girl that Lisa made so happy was MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Grin

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