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Author Topic: Barbs radio city adventure weekend!  (Read 1152 times)
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« on: March 13, 2012, 03:42PM »

 Ahh I was almost dreading going! Between work and the lovely people at wnet and the h e double hockey stix I went through day and night for six months to get the tickets....! But then Saturday when I was boarding my plane I was very excited! I made a weekend of it first! We went and saw the 9/11 memorial.. which def. didn't help the crying factor much!  Then the day arrived! My cousin had a 2 and half hour soccer game out door that morning which did not help!  Espeially when it was done at 12 and we had to leave before 2 and it is a whole days prosses for me to get for any show!   But I ate  and then showered and got ready faster than I have ever gotten ready in my life!  yeah excitement was on 100% Ok so I kinda don't remember the show in chronilogical orde and pardon my spelling  jet lacked and physically and emotionally tired with a heavy, broken and hurting heart at the momentary. Long story...
 1. Uh yea nothing like sitting up front and getting their 5 minutes before they started and almost knowcking over the ushers... and on time yet!! Curtains up and who do I see a cute figure of a fiddler! and yes it was a bit on the loud side! (possiblbly bc it was a huge venue??!!) Full house at it! Then the girls came out singing awakening!  Chloe looks amazing and the dress too!  This was my first time seeing lil lambe and susan!  Uhm yeah they were perfection! And yes susan and mairead were def. showing off those rings right from the beggining! Loved how susan was smiling and flickering her fingers while singing "a flicker of a flame breaks through the dark"

2. Dulaman!  Ah my fav! Lisa did such a good job!  I absolutely love her!

3. Nocturne!  what a way for chloe to bring down the tone!  I love listeningto this song in the car and chloe didn't dissapoint!

4. a womans heart- Lisa introduced this song by saying it was about loss etc... I am not sure but it was beautiful and the waterworks were on full effect!

5. follow on - uhmmm yea stil don't personally like the song  but susan is such a doll and she did such a good job maing it her own and it wasn't long!

6. the I forgot the name of the first mairead solo but she was so perfect and def. deserved all the applause!

7. The tribute to broadway was kinda cool!  I am not a fan of the song I dreamed a dream but they did a good job and the circle of life was really good!  I mean what better plac to sing that than were broadway was created!??!!!

8..Sailing! This is also one I listen to in the car all the time!  It's one of my favs! def. was singing along!

9. Danny boy!  beuatuifuly  done!  My cousin was like I love this song!

10.  Then I am going to do this out of order but mo ghile mear!  Yup def was singing on this one!  One of my classic favs! oh and and during the drum part I liked how the girls were standing still with the backs toward the audience!  Very cool!

11. Teir abhaile riu!   well... well... what can I say!?  I loved it!!  When Lisa came down and was doing her ya da di duntiti dom chant I was like uhoh! oh and she has gorgeous hair by the way!!! I turned around she was turned around!  Then our chloe came out and did the same thing!  I did not want it to stop!  The audience was soooo into it!  and the motions those 2 were making with their hands were priceless! Then Susan came out and made a face and then boom!  Broke those 2 apart! STOP! Then she started! and was cracking up! Chloe made the funniest face and the was pointing at lisa and back and forth!  The rest of the song was awesome to! Chlo scared mairead etc!  THen they did the spin they did the spin!! Everyone went nuts!  I wish someone one would have put it on youtube because this song is one I never want to forget! and my cousin loved craig!

Ok intermission!  I grabbed my cousin and got a bag and pink believe shirt and program! oh did I mention...? when I was walking up the isle who was coming down and going to the front (or back stage ) Naomi Agnew! I literally did not expect that (well actually yeah I did!) and I was cool at first then she bumped into me and I was like OMG ITS CHLOES SISTER!  And quite loud!!!  OOOPs! She turned and gave me a half smile!

So 2nd half!  
1. Amazing grace - My piper friend Anthony was a big hit! Then the girls came out in their new dresses!  HOLY Moly! They were stunning!  My cousin was like they look like wedding dresses!  they did a great job! oh, and I loved the choirs second haf dreese better than the first!  The green and gold!  Very sharp!

2. Then ave maria!- loved the candle and chloe nailed it!  Definately hit me what was going on! cried my eyesout! and in particular- we went to the 9/1 memorial the day before and it brought back memories of finding out we almost lost my cousin that day who took off of work from buildings and knowing what could have happenend and then she just had beaten cancer and was singing ave maria  at my cousins weding 2 weeks later Sad and sounded just like chloe Sad (she's a proffesional singer/ opera singer)  So hearing that and seeing that was a little tough! She definately deserved the appplause!

3. a spaceman - uhm I waited years to hear this song live! And it was very cool!  loved it! Definately loving the diamondy clips in the girls hair and lisa doused herself in glitter withing 20 minutes!! My cousin even noticed... hair, forehead and arms!  Not to worry though I would do the same!!!

4. the water is wide!  susan nailed it!  It s also one of my favories!

5. green grow the rushes oh !  yeah the video on youtube explains it all! Laughed!  And That reference chloe made about the font row being heard yeah uhm I think she heard me :/ She was on our side and when I know a song and sing on the top of my lungs in public ... oh god watch out! Loved the hugs the girls gave each other!and now that I listen to it and chloe introduced it as being a woman powerful song and the n they created woman and wooo!  I totally get the lyrics!! and chloe almost leaned back a little to far and fell she was getting so in to the song!
6. mna bhi earrann (sp)- Woooooo!  That girl was on a role! And craig is amazing!

7. walking the night/ songs from the heart!  love this song! first time i saw it done it was to much!  But I listen to it 10x a day and it was awesome! They loked like they had so much fun!

8. YNWA- Just as I thought it would be!  I wish ps22 would have been on stage but yo def. could feel a presence though!  it was well done even by the girls and the choir!

9. then comes the parting glass! -wooo what a fun song live!! but sad it was the end!

wait for it wait for it..... yup the finale! All I got to say is ... STANDING O STANDING O!  It was beyond electric!  I think I lost my voice screaming wooooo! Mairead def. shredded her bow!  Instead of doing her kickback thing she held the bow in one hand and the violin in the other and def. acted like a rockestar she is!!  And then I had to do the chloe dance and they all rocked out! holy moly!

well, yeah hears the heart break, kinda cool part!   we were on the side getting out to 51st well who was 1 inch from me??? David downes and Amy rivard!  Uhm HELLO! I did hear (and pretty much a certain swanky tenor and his gorgeous girlfriend wer in the audience but I didn't se him!)  I was late coming in to look!  and also Lisa boyfriend, and susans fiance I didn't see! and I saw mairead husband!Then we were at stage door literally 1/2 from were the girls weregonna come out. Naomi was out their too.  But my uncle was tired and double parked so we had to leave Sad  I will prob. never forgive him for that and he knows it! I was so upset!  But, Even if they don't come to Cleveland I am def. going back next year, lisa will be back I know were stage door is and I will have my mom and cousin and take the train and do it right! And def. go to stage door!  So I am not to upset just my heart still hurts really bad and It will for a while!  But if they come to cleveland too why not make it nice and meet them twice?? And I am in control of that!!!  But now after almost missing my flight form lga to philly on a puddle jumper and then philly to home I am tired! I hope I didn't miss anything and I am sure I will remember this as long as I live!  And hopefully more to come! But right now my main anthem is their song "SMILE"  It's the only thing that is keeping me together!
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I just have to tell you I LOVED YOUR REVIEW. I try printing them out and reading them in the evenings, and yours gave me a good smile and a few chuckles. I loved it. Thanks a bunch. I am so excited to see them. Just over a month away now and it can't come soon enough.
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Thank you!  Smiley I know even though my heart was quite broken I think writing about it helped and all the excitement of that day!  Just remembering that day makes me smile too!  Have fun! The concert is definately worth it!

I I I I hear your voice on the wind, and I I I I hear you call out my name, listen my child you say to me I am the voice of your history be not afraid come follow me answer my call and i'll set you frrreeeee!!!!!!!
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