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Author Topic: Celtic Cuties on St Paddy's day (A.K.A. Celtic Woman day  (Read 1417 times)
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« on: March 17, 2012, 09:53PM »

The CW part of my day starts with us leaving about an hour later than planned. We (being my dad, myself and my brother). I ate at Serafino's restaurant with the 9 other forum members  (I'm sorry I only remember Mr Peabody bob and Roy, Don't be offended you all made it special) an after finding out that they couldn't split 10 checks we made it to the theatre. I was fortunate enough getting a couple more buttons (I have the one that wasn't degsined by Rachel- my brother took it) and Alex's. As I was buying my program and believe C.D. I met a guy, who was around my age (late teens) and we talked about how he wasn't the only guy who was in love with the celtic cuties. We also talked about Celtic Thunder, he made it to the show earlier in the year, and I wish I could have The show started with a presentation to the girls, the state of CT recognize today as Celtic Woman Day.

Awakening: I was blown away by the drums, if you think it sounds wonderful on the DVD, or C.D. just wait till you hear it live. ans Susan was magnificent
Dulaman: Wonderful as always and the spoons were just a plus, the seaweed arms were not as much as I remember but they do make a later apperance
Nocturne: All I have to say is that Chloé can belt and I was totally blown away
The Foxhunter: Mairéad was Mairéad. wild, crazy, and magical all at once
Sailing: I loved the flute intro, it reminded me a bit of the new ground from the previous tours
A woman's heart: Lisa introduced the song and said it was about loss, and lost love and that it was a perfect song for reflecting and that it was for all of us, although it's told from a woman's point of view.
Follow On: Susan, like Chloé, can belt She sounds like a combo of Alex and Lynn but with more oomph. Susan is definitely a keeper and Follow on is starting to grow on me
Téir Abhaile Riú: started with Lisa coming down one side, and Chloë down the other singing da da da. Susan comes on a couple minutes later pulling a quick change and stopping the "argument" between Lisa and Chloë before showing off her skills then after da da daing back and forth they started singing and I couldn't stop dancing around
Granuaile's dance: another blast from the past, along with Dulaman, Mo ghile mear, danny boy and the finale it's been featured since I've seen the girls live and our little pixie never ceases to amaze me
Danny boy: another love. lovely Irish anthem as Chloë says, featuring Shane on the piano
Mo Ghile mear: all the people who were lulled to sleep by Danny boy were rudely awakened by the pounding drum, I loved the new choreography and Susan continues to grow on me
Amazing Grace: wonderful as always, the sound nearly blows my ears (in a good way)
A spaceman (space Lisa)  came traveling: Lisa Lambe, what can I say, she does a wonderful singer and storyteller, Lisa sounded even better live.
Songs from the heart: Walking the night, an emotional song, I love the harmonies, Lisa and Chloé's voices complement each other gorgeously. The world falls away (A.K.A. Give me your hand) I'll never get tired of the medley of the songs, they make one cry than want to get up and dance I'm so glad they kept it.
The water is wide: I miss the pipes from the C.D. but Susan did a wonderful job with it, Susan, as I said before, is a definite keeper
Ray, what a character he is, he was doing a little challenge to each side then yelled to the back how we were doing which got a good reply. Then proceeded to do some air bhodran
Green Grow the Rushes: yes, Chloé I did my homework, I learned the chorus before hand. and it was so cool that we got to sing with them. Lisa and Chloë should do more songs together because they work so well together on stage. When the choir started singing the audience sang with them.
A tribute to broadway: Susan's highlight, I thought she was beautiful before, she can do musical songs even better. The man a couple seats down was tearing during I dreamed a dream and during the circle of life (which was probably my favorite part) the woman sitting next to me and myself were both singing with each other
Ave Maria: Chloë has grown up so much, and she can belt. and like the other places Ave maria got a standing Ovation
You'll never walk alone:  I was already near tears when Ave maria finished and after YNWA I was fighting back the tears
the women of Ireland: a sweet lovely song by our resident Pixie. and the fast part with the duel was wonderful. Mairead and the dancer have great stage chemistry, which I feel is really important
The parting glass: Lisa introduced it by saying "with this song we want to wish you good night" which drew a lot of noooos from the audience but it was wonderful non the less
Finale/ Mo ghile mear reprise: exciting and energetic as always, and I love the dancers bit. Chloë thanked us all for a wonderful St Paddy's (Celtic Woman) Day. People were shouting for "one more" and I shouted for Spanish lady which I wish they did but it turned out to be at the ceilli reprise which I love.

I can't wait till next year

I've met Lisa L, Lynn(2x), Susan, Mairead C(2x), Mairead N (2x), Edel, Sarah, Nick, Craig, Anthony, Maggie, and Tommy
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Outstanding review, thanks.  It was also great to meet you at Seraphino's before the concert.

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