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Author Topic: St. Patrick's Day Week  (Read 1147 times)
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Fellow Forumites:

It’s taken me a bit longer than I planned to get my thoughts about spending St. Patrick’s Day Week with the Celtic Woman down on paper, but better late than never.  (Of course, better never late would be best, but I rarely operate like that.)  In any event, I’d like to share with you my thoughts/observations about my trip and the fabulous Believe Concert.

During the week, I put over 2200 miles on my truck, and visited 5 cities/towns – New York City; Syracuse, NY; Albany, NY; Manchester, NH, and Wallingford, CT.  More importantly, I had the opportunity to meet and dine with several Forumites, including Scott, Roy, Mike, Kelly, Dave, and Dash.  (It’s a treat to get together with like-minded individuals prior to a Celtic Woman Concert to share thoughts about what we all love so much.)  Most importantly, I had the great pleasure of attending 5 incredible Concerts – Radio City Music Hall, the Landmark Theater, the Palace Theater, the Verizon Arena, and the Oakdale Theater.

If you haven’t seen it, the Believe Concert is quite a bit different than the one recorded at the Fox Theater last September.  For example, a few of the songs recorded at the Fox (e.g., “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and “Black is the Colour”) are not in the Concert.  Also, several of the arrangements are different.  Thankfully, several oldies but goodies (e.g., “Dulaman”, “Granuaile’s Dance”, “Danny Boy”, and “Amazing Grace”) were retained.  The result is a fantastic Concert that left most attendees wondering how it’s possible for Celtic Woman to continue to exceed its prior unbelievable successes.

“Awakening” is the perfect song to start the Believe Concert.  (Honestly, I love “Nil Sen La”, but it never thrilled me as the SFTH opening number; I much prefer “The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun” from the ANJ and IOH Concerts.)  Much like its ANJ and IOH predecessor, “Awakening” starts with Mairead leading the Ladies out for a rousing song that kicks the Concert into high gear, and gets the audience wanting more.

Susan is an absolute delight.  In addition to being gorgeous, she sings like an angel, is a fantastic dancer, has wonderful stage presence, and a charming sense of humor.  Of course, there are the inevitable comparisons to Lisa Kelly.  In my opinion, such comparisons are inappropriate and disrespectful to both Artists.  That said, I would like to suggest that, for future soloist changes, David and Celtic Woman, Ltd. consider giving the new Artists at least one of their own songs to perform.    

Mairead continues to electrify the audience with her flawless playing and dervish-like dancing whenever she’s on stage; she has 3 solo numbers during the Believe Concert.  Her last solo number, in which she engages in a tap dance/fiddle duel with Craig Ashurst, is phenomenal.

One of my favorite songs of the Concert is “Teir Abhaile Riu”, which starts with Lisa Lambe and Chloe out in the audience engaged in a singing argument in Gaelic.  (Be still my heart, during this number at the Manchester, NH Concert, I was in the front row on Chloe’s side, and she sat on my lap.)  When they move to the stage, their argument is “mediated” by Susan.  This scene soon degenerates to a 3-way argument (in Gaelic) that is absolutely hilarious.  From there the song switches to English and moves into a raucous free-for-all of dancing, singing, and general merriment, including Lisa’s spoon playing and the famous spin in which the Ladies leave their feet.  Frankly, I get exhausted just thinking about it.      

Lisa Lambe has the audience in the palm of her hand during all of her solo numbers.  She still owns “Dulaman”, although I miss the verbal introduction she did for the song during the SFTH Concerts.  Additionally, she nails “A Spaceman Came Traveling”, and does a spectacular job with “The Circle of Life”.

Like all of you, I have watched Chloe grow as a performer and Woman over the last 7 years.  Gone is the somewhat shy teenager with a delicate voice that we first met on the original Celtic Woman Show.  She’s grown into a stunning Woman with boundless talent.  In addition to having one of the most versatile and powerful voices around today, she’s extremely funny and has the ability to completely control any audience she encounters.  Watching her get audiences to join her in singing “Green Grow the Rushes” should be a must for anyone who wants to take up motivational speaking.  (Thankfully, all she wanted us to do was sing. Grin)  Speaking for myself, I’ve never heard a more pure version of “Ave Maria” than Chloe’s rendition.  I often find myself running out of superlatives when I try to describe her talents to those who have not had the privilege of seeing her perform.

The Celtic Woman Band has always been known for its exceptional talent; the Believe Concert highlights the talents of several of the individual Band members.  For example, Ray Fean does a solo bodhran number that really gets the audience rocking.  In addition to his virtuoso work on the Uilleann pipes, starting at the Manchester Concert, Tommy Martin did an introduction to “Sailing” on the whistle that was fantastic.  Anthony Byrne stepped out from behind his bagpipes and played the Uilleann pipes on one song and a hand drum (I think it was a djembe) on another.

“You Raise Me Up” has been replaced in the Believe Concert by “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which, in my opinion, is just as moving and inspirational.

All in all, and to paraphrase a line in “The Parting Glass”, it was a week spent in good company; and one that I hope to repeat in the near future.

Be well,

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I really enjoyed your review bobh56.  Smiley

Thanks for posting!
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Bob, I will reiterate what you said first... my reply to seeing your review is "better late than never." LOL

In the main I also agree with you about your analysis of the songs.  The one exception being "You'll Never Walk Alone" which I think is still a great song and fits in well with Celtic Woman, but to me it simply cannot compare with "You Raise Me Up" which has entwined itself into my soul thanks to Celtic Woman.  But as I said I agree with your other statements about the songs, especially I too preferred "Sky Dawn Sun" as an opener.

It was great seeing you again, and we definitely have to get together for more shows again in the future! Smiley


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great review!!! I agree w 100% of it!! and it was great seeing, who i could within 5 minutes, at radio city!  their was a certain elecrticity to the show that evening!  and i loooved it! i mean that weekend coming was st patricks day, and susan beining engaged 3 days before! Idk but their was a something extra speial that evening!!!!!!  Cool

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