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Author Topic: Believe In Dreams 2012  (Read 1246 times)
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« on: April 06, 2012, 11:32PM »

The best two nights ever I ever had at Rosemont Theater.
The first night was kinda busy for me. I was on the road to Rosemont I had to drop off my suitcase to Comfort Inn & Suites where i am staying at then i drove to Rosemont Theater and payed 20$ for parking. Wow the restaurant right across the street I walked to see Linda and Eric and they where there. I was kinda late so the Second night was better we went to the same restaurant in Rosemont to eat.After dinner i had enough time to go to the merchandise table to buy three shirts for my friends for Julia, Michelle and Evi and a  Magnet for Haley and a program for me.I asked the Usher where is  Section 204 Row H Seat 14 so she showed me there it was.

March30&31 Believe In Dreams

Opening Act 1
Awakening Susan,Lisa Lambe and Chloe sang the song so beautifully and the Girls look very stunning on Friday and Saturday.
Daluman I love how Lisa Lambe does the spoon act.
Nocturne I love how Chloe though the whole song and she was smiling at me the whole time. Chloe is a amazing performer.
The Fox Hunter was very fun I love Mairead how she plays the violin and she moves around the whole stage.
Follow On wow I mean wow Susan was Fantastic out there her voice is very beautiful .
TAR made me very happy both night I love how Lisa Lambe did the spoon solo act and I also saw Mairead adorable side too.

I cant Believe the Opening Act 1 is over "Already" Intermission

I walked to the Lobby and looked around i had my camera and took a few pictures so there was this lady and she asked me how i liked the Celtic Woman Believe Show so far I told her that i love it i told her that I love Susan's Voice she said that she did to so we went back to our seats.

The Second Act 2

Amazing Grace I start to cry I love that song its really dear to my heart.
Song From The Heart(Walking The Night/The World Falls Away) is my fave song i play that song in my car all the time
 The Water Is Wide wow how Susan sang that song so beautifully.
Green Grow The Rushes Chloe is so adorable out there and how she turn up the lights to see who is singing and explain to the Crowed how the song goes and teaches us the words to the song.
Ave Maria I cried though out the whole song i love that song so much Chloe was good singing it and how much Chloe grew over the years.
I really love Tribute To Broadway Susan sang(I Dream A Dream) so beautifully I really like a lot is Ling King (Circle Of Life) Lisa Lambe was awesome singing that song.
 Okay when the introduction to You'll Never Walk Alone that song come on it brought me back memories way back in High School.
 The Parting Glass was kinda sad I kinda new it was the end to the second to the last song of the Celtic Woman Believe show.Everyone stand up and gave the Girls a standing ovation when the Final came on everyone stand up again and cheered  I did too.
After The Show
I went back to Comfort Inn & Suite my friend Kirstin call my cell phone and asked me how was the Celtic Woman believe show was i told Kirstin it was fabulous so Kirstin said to me that she is really looking forward to see the second Celtic  Woman Believe show in Rosemont Il. I told Kirstin to park her car at Rosemont Theater and pay 20$ for parking and told her friend and her boyfriend Ben to walk across to the restaurant.

Next year me and Kirstin are going Pledging our  Meet & Greet passes Kirstin told me that We sure are.  


April 16 was the best night i ever had
thank you Julia  for a wonderful banner and Evi for the avatar Smiley
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It sounds like you had a great time at the shows. I was at both of them, as well, so I know what you're talking about. It's a shame I didn't know you were there. I would have enjoyed meeting you and your friends.

Thanks for posting the review. I've been writing down a few of my thoughts on the shows, too, so maybe I'll post them and we'll 'compare notes' here later on.

You and Kirstin absolutely should pledge next time and get some of those Meet & Greet passes. If you haven't been to a Meet & Greet before, you will be in for an incredible experience. These young ladies are a joy to talk with -- total sweethearts, every bit as warm and wonderful as they are on the stage. A two-night stretch like Chicago is an especially great time to do that, since it almost guarantees that, between the two nights, you'll get to talk with all 4 of the girls. There's just nothing better.
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