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Author Topic: Memphis -- April 6  (Read 1009 times)
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« on: April 10, 2012, 09:24AM »

Since everyone by now knows the show, some general comments.

PBS tickets.  Row A.  I was excited until I found out there were 2 rows of chairs in the pit in front of me!

When Lisa and Chloe started TAR, they were at least half way back in the theatre.  (Think the beginning of Amazing Grace).   Apparently they could not get into the sides of the theatre any closer.  One of these days, I need to try to get an aisle seat and maybe Chloe will sit on my lap!!

Sound was fairly well balanced and not overpowering.     

Not a packed house by any means.  I believe (but couldn't really see) that the top level (3rd balcony) was closed off.  Both the far right and left side orchestra sections (4 sections across) did not have anyone in the first 5 or 6 rows.

M&G was held in a very nice room off the lobby.  Cheese/fruit/cookies/drinks.  Good job by PBS station.

Susan & Lisa.  I was one of the last to go thru the line.  It was/is so nice to be recognized (It's so nice to see a familiar face) and given a hug by Lisa.

One kinda touchy issue that bothered me and some people around me.  During the brief silences at the beginning of Mo Ghile Mear, a couple of #$%& in the front row yelled "We love you Chloe" and "We Love you Lisa".  It really tended to mar the song.  Come on people, this is a concert in a theatre, not a crazy rock show.  An older gentlemen sitting behind me (suit and tie) said he complained at intermission.  Said that someone from the theatre would be alert for it in the second half.

Not only is this, in my opinion, rude and disrespectful to the performers, it's also rude and disrespectful to others.  Also, think about this.  Susan was also on stage, but no one yelled they loved her!  I was even felling bad after the M&G because I don't think I said enough nice things to Susan or spent enough time talking to her.  (I was overwhelmed that Lisa recognized me!).

I mentioned to Lisa that this was my last show this year (unless they did a Fall tour).  She said they were hopeful that would happen!!!!


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« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2012, 08:24AM »

An unbelievable night for us - special thanks to Lisa and Chloe for helping make it so. They went above and beyond in allowing a pair of children experience the Celtic Woman charm.

As for the "I love you Lisa/Chloe" comments, this has been an ongoing event for several of the six shows I've attended (in the past it was directed to Lisa Kelly) and I rather enjoy the fan's enthusiasm. More importantly perhaps, both Lisa K., Lisa L., and Chloe seem to appreciate/enjoy it - I do, however, take note of the concern for the other cast members. Be that as it may, to this almost six decade member of the living, the  love shown does not bother me at all.

Great show, great performances by all. Can't wait for them to return to Memphis again.
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awww, Good review!  I absolutely HATE (sorry for using such a strong word) but, I do when that happens! It is sooooo rude! I can see if it was just the 2 girls on stage etc... But ehh! It happens not just at the girls concert trust me! I have been to a lot of different show s and people randomly do that in the middle of the show! It ruins it, and trust me I have a lot of actors/actresses on my facebook and twitter and I hear them compain about it all the time! I can see during the curtaun call/ ending when it is appropriate and the actors/actresses love it!! aww hope you enjoy the rest of the shows! oh and an o/t tidbit that really bothers at the theatres beside that is people wearing jeans! It is a night out, theses theatres are old and classy!  I have people dress so bad at theaters before and it is not good! I wore jeans once and I felt so out of place, I plan my theater trips in advance and  always wear or buy a dress and make a day of it! On the tickets they really need to put - appropriate dress required!!! Sorry, it just eerks me when people do things like that- especially for how much the tickets go for!!!!!

oh and a side note, and I have done this beofre at a different show and the ushers got mad, but people taking pictures. I noticed at radio city a few times I turned around to see the crowd and I saw people in the balcony's flashing their cameras in the middle of a song, even though their was a few but ,I thought that was inappropriate!  especially when they know better! Just like video taping! ( Even though I think sharing some of them isn't bad and I love seeing them but, it's illegal and people post them like crazy and shouldn't! When  meand my cousin noticd it our jaws dropped (especialy for a 10yr old who has been to more shows than we can count ) He was like - they shoulkdn't be doing that!
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