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Author Topic: Denver, April 18: When the Lambe makes you cry  (Read 1376 times)
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This isn't a full review, just some personal highlights and observations from the show in Denver on Wednesday.

General Observations

- As soon as I walk in the Wells Fargo, this gentleman approaches me asking if I'm by myself. I say yes, and he offers me one of his spare seats in the front row of pit 3, for free. My seat was in the front of pit 2, so it wasn't much of a gain for me, so I kindly declined. I wished him good luck on finding someone, and said I'd stop by later to chat.

- My seat is on the right corner of the middle pit, front row. I finally meet Amy, who's sitting a couple of rows to my right, and Tink. The gentleman from the entrance walks in as well, he gave up on trying to find someone for his spare ticket. I chat with him, and find out that his name is Neil and that he's been attending CW concerts from the very beginning, though this is his first M&G.

- There was some confusion about the pit seating. Apparently, 6 pit rows were sold, but they only had 5. They considered moving all seats closer to the stage (as if we'd mind that!), but the fire marshal vetoed that idea. No idea what happened to the people in the 6th row.

- The sound was strange, maybe because I was close to the stage. The spotlight guy faltered a few noticeable times.

- Sadly, there were lots of empty seats on the theater. The crowd was not the liveliest I'd seen, though there was plenty of support from the front row.


- Mairead got standing Os for all of her songs, at least from the first few rows. How could we not, it was the girl's birthday after all! She put in some extra spins during the Foxhunter that had the whole place cheering!

- I don't remember which song it was anymore, but Mairead took a massive leap off the stairs.

- Chloe gave a shoutout to the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater (AKA, the place where crazy people go to workout, myself included) when she introduced Nocturnal.

- Ray came down the stairs and ran across the front row when he asked how each section of the theater was doing during his Bodhram solo. SO COOL!

- The intro to Teir Abhaile Riu was HILARIOUS! There was plenty of room for Lisa and Chloe to walk around the audience. Since I was sitting at the corner seat on Chloe's side, she put her hand on my shoulder and pointed at Lisa, outraged. I tried to mime as best as I could that, "sorry Chloe, I'm Team Lambe". When they were up on the stage, Chloe walked up to the Tommy and through her hand gestures made it very clear that she was ready to get into a fistfight. Don't mess with Chloe, folks, the girl is fierce! Love it!

- Interactions abound on this show for me, especially from Chloe and Lisa. Yay! Some highlights include:
* The aforementioned moment before TAR.
* Lisa throwing me a kiss when they were on my side of the stage during TAR.
* During "A Woman's Heart", Chloe said "As only a woman's heart can know" looking at me, then on the next round Lisa came over to my side and did the same thing!
* On Mo Ghile Mear, Lisa sang "One bright star to light the wave" smiling at me. Something similar happened during "A Spaceman Came Traveling", she sang "Just like a star" looking at me (or at my general direction).
* On "Green Grow the Rushes", I notice that they like to sing "Are spent among the lassies oh" while looking at the ladies in the audience, so I got a couple of those.
* After "The Parting Glass" (I think it was that song, can't remember now) we were on our feet applauding, then Susan extended her arms towards me, smiling.

- Now, THE moment of the night for me happened during "You'll Never Walk Alone". As mentioned before in my Detroit review, this song has special meaning to me and I have a hard time not shedding a tear when they sing it. So they were singing it beautifully, and I was doing a good job at holding it in, but then during the last 30 or 40 seconds of the song, Lisa looked at me, while singing "Walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone". *gulp* I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. Usually, she'll look at you, sing a verse, then look somewhere else. That was not the case here, until the last "You'll Never Walk Alone" she was looking right at me. I might have shed a tear or two... When the singing stopped and the instrumental kicked in, I mouthed "thank you" to her and she smiled and nodded. When the song ended, I had to stand up, even if I was one of the only few doing it. She blew me a kiss before leaving. Wow, just wow...

The M&G
This was officially the biggest Meet & Greet of the tour. There were two PBS stations involved, RMPBS and CPT12, which made for a line of people going around the whole perimeter of a decently sized room. I was nearly certain that Mairead would not be there, being her birthday and all, so I was pleasantly surprised when she walked in with Susan, so I could wish her happy birthday in person. It's really ironic that my last 3 M&G have been this exact combination, as they were also on Cincinnati and Akron. My M&G score is now Mairead: 5, Susan: 4, Lisa Lambe: 3, Lisa Kelly: 1, Chloe: 1.
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