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Author Topic: Sacramento 4/25  (Read 867 times)
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I've owned the believe CD and DVD, for several months now.   Apart from what was part of the special features on the DVD I hadn't heard any of the music, until last night (not sure how I managed that bit of self control).  It seems to have worked, I sat down having to idea what to expect.

First things first.   The Audience was revved; From the opening yell of "YOU ROCK RAY" (I recognized your voice oh Enthusiastic one), the mass of voices in "Green Grow..." ('Bout the only time you can hear me sing, cause I figure you cant with everyone also singing) , to all those cups I saw being passed out to the first couple of rows (had to wait to the end but I knew they were gonna be used for something).  We did these things, despite how warm it was in there, I felt very envious of all those fans on stage.  I did hear someone at the  break ask "Is that one Charlie Daniels kid?", I think I'll leave that one alone.  As usual I managed to get a seat that was in a direct line for the moving lights (OW blink, blink), so if anyone on stage saw us wincing that's why.  I think I've mentioned this on another occasion, but it's interesting the projecting light have on the ceiling at the Memorial Auditorium.  It's only really easily visible from the stage or from the rear

There is a drawback to this being the first time I've heard the new material. I can't offer anything except a  general impression.   I really liked it.   A mix of things I've heard and not heard.  I Dreamed a Dream got cheers as soon as people recognized the opening. The other aspect I had a lot of fun with was the performance of the pieces.  In Row E I was close enough to see the little interactions/details that get lost to distance .  Ray doing his "Air Drum" gag (though the gag was slightly ruined as I had an angle and could see his fingers). Mairead giving her "We're going for a ride...fasten your seat belts and hold tight" looks.  The comedy of musical courting.  Kind of surprised the pipes had room to make it to the door via the first row.  Poor Chloe...can't speak because audience is stealing the thunder.

I guess the travel day  (and I assume sleeping in a hotel bed rather than an Entertainer Coach's sleep pods) helped a lot

Still processing the sensory overload but that's the bulk of it

It's been a couple of years but well worth the wait (and yes I did get rained on...stupid missing umbrella)


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