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Author Topic: 17 May - Düsseldorf  (Read 1581 times)
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« on: May 18, 2012, 04:33AM »

I just came home and decided to write a review. The setlist is the same in Germany as in the USA, so I'm not going to discuss all the songs one by one. I will only highlight some things I noticed.
First thing: my seats were amazing! I was sitting second row in the middle, little bit to the left. Had a great view of the stage. Before the show started I met Julia en Michelle (great to see you again, girls!).

The show:
The first thing I noticed was how tired the girls were looking in the first half of the show. They were there, but not thére if you know what I mean.. Lisa L. had her eyes closed 3/4 of the time. I hope she was feeling alright. Chloë en Mairead were right there from the beginning having the time of their life. The second half after Green Grow the Rushes they finally got their flame back. Then it started to live on stage. The new girl, Susan, is good. She has a strong voice. You can see her theatre background showing through. That being said: her interaction with the first rows was very little. Of course you don't recognize faces yet on your first tour, so I'll forgive her Smiley .

Chloë's Nocturne was absolutly stunning! Amazing, breathtaking and everything I hoped for. It was so good! She took that song to a whole new level.
The new harmonies and the flute untro of Sailing were very good. I like the fact that they are still changing things.
Of course TAR was lots of fun! The audience burst out laughing when they sat on mens lap and their acting was spot on.
The new arragment of Danny Boy was beautiful. I like it with the piano. It adds someting to it. The man behind me was singing maybe a little too loud, but he was having a great time!
For me, the best part was Green Grow the Rushes. I always wanted to sing with the girls and this was my chance! So when Lisa introduced the song I couldn't help myself and give a little scream. I saw some reviews about the audience in Germany: they didn't participate and everything. Well, this audience in Düsseldorf sang really loud and clearly! It sounded amazing. It has something magical when there are a few hunderd singing along. The song ended too fast..
Lisa and the Spaceman Came Traveling: this is certainly her best song! Her acting and singing were very good.
Chloë did a good job with Ave Maria. It is such a hard song to sing and although she didn't had the right notes all the time, it was still worth a standing ovation from the audience. That was the first time she noticed me sitting there, I think. She thanked the audience in German and English and continued the show. About the two languages: it was so funny to hear them talking in two languages. I can't speak German. That's something to point out maybe. But I think it would have been better to keep it in English. Of course it is nice to know a little German and say 'Danke' for example. I don't know if it would have been different if they kept it in English.. Maybe someone from Germany can tell if he liked the fact that they spoke German?

About the audience:
I already said something about it, but I want to point out a few more things: they were clapping on the right moments, they were singing loud with GGtR and they had a great time. Lots of screaming after a performance. They absolutly liked the Irish dancer! (I'm guilty.. I really liked that guy: good dancer and good looking. What more can you ask?)

After the show:
We were waiting by the stage door/gate with 16 people. There were of course people from Germany, but also from the Netherlands (my mother and me) and from France. I met Dinozzo there. Really nice guy. Although we had some trouble with English, it still was nice to be there with all the fans. We saw the girls standing and I know they saw us too. They didn't come to us. We waited for a very long time, but they just drove away in the bus. That was a pity.

I think I got everything down now. It was an amazing evening. Very tired now with all the traveling, but it was totally worth it.
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Thanks for your review Egwene! Smiley Sounds like a good audience in Düsseldorf. Great! Cheesy

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Thank you for the review, sounds like you had an amazing night in Düsseldorf Cheesy

can't wait for Chloe's Ave Maria - the first time since I know them
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Wooooooow ! Thank you for this review, it was so great to meet you Wink You're so kind and nice Cheesy . It's sure we'll back in Düsseldorf next time, the audience is amazing there and front row this time and we'll try to see two concerts ! Sorry for my english thursday I was somewhere else Grin

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