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Author Topic: Concert in Vienna, June 3rd  (Read 2357 times)
Ben the piper
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« on: June 06, 2012, 09:59AM »

Part 1

So just a small info: I won't be going into detail with every song, as we all know the set-up and what it's like. I'll just comment on a few. Smiley
And sorry, I was planning on writing a small and short review and now it's an essay. Cheesy

Well my journey to Vienna started on Friday, 1st. 7 hours by train, I slept a bit and otherwise listened to CW and other music.
However, travelling can be exhausting and so I was tired again when I arrived in the early evening. Haha Smiley My brother and his girlfriend Vicky collected me from the train station and we took the tram back to their flat.

Some time on Saturday I tweeted Anthony to ask if he could meet me after the show instead of before. He answered that it was possible... Sunday was promising to become a great day! Cheesy
He did ask me to bring along my pipes but I left them at home because too much luggage on the train isn't a good thing either. And I also forgot his CD (wanted to have it signed of course) and my forum buttons at home... Darn, I knew I had forgotten something else!!

Sunday finally came. Rain had been predicted but the sun was shining most of the day and it was still nice and warm (ok in fact too hot for me with my outfit on) in the evening. This year Vicky was going to accompany me to the concert.
So we got ourselves ready and left for the tram. Still remembering the misfortune I had last year I was willing to try it again. No meeting with Anthony that the tram could mess up this time! Smiley
The short travel on the tram did make me nervous however, because the concert started at 7:30 pm and there were only 5 more minutes to go. But as we approached the “Wiener Stadthalle” there were still people going into the venue. So there was no coming late either.

People did stop and take a look at me in my outfit but I was used to that anyway. Some looked at me with an expression “all of that fuss 'just' for a concert”? Well lads then you have no idea! Looking at them with their tatty jeans etc. was all I needed to know.
But some people were dressed really fancy as well! With nice dresses (not as nice as CW's ones though, lol) and evening suits. I only met one other guy with a kilt and outfit.

The Stadthalle

As Celtic Woman was going to perform in the bigger hall this year, the lobby was bigger as well. Ok, actually it's and arena and normally sport games (like handball or volleyball matches etc.) are played here.
Across the entrance there was the merch table but as we were just on time, I didn't want to stop to take a look. I would do that during intermission. We asked an usher near the entrance if that was the right way that lead us to our seats. I talked to the man in German and he said that was the right way. He also said he was disappointed that I didn't ask in English or Irish. I told him that I could repeat the question in English but then he just laughed... not quite sure what that was supposed to mean? Did he doubt that I could ask for directions in English?

Never mind, our way brought us past snack bars and stores that were selling all sorts of stuff. Popcorn, ice cream, drinks etc. We continued to our seats though.
Now as mentioned above, this was an arena. Our seats weren't hard to find. First row on the north parterre tribune. A great view as well! I just had to slightly turn my head to see the stage but I didn't mind. And despite the fact what I had read in other reviews about arenas, the sound quality was really good! Or maybe it was only because I sat in the right place? Haha well, I didn't care, I could enjoy the show now! Cheesy

Then I took a look around. Also here, not all of the seats were available. Halfway up the rest of them were hidden behind heavy black curtains.
People were streaming in from the entrances to get to their seats. And still not all of the seats were occupied when the concert began... I also saw employees of the (ok let's call it) theatre that were selling popcorn and ice cream inside the venue... Oh come on, this is no common sports game or boxing fight!!!

The Concert

Finally it started. We were reminded not to take photos and videos and then the lights dimmed. The band came out, accompanied by applause.

Now I'm just mentioning a few songs or some stuff that happened, as we all know the set-up and who sings what and so on.

First of all, it wasn't that hot inside the arena (luckily) but still warm enough for me.
Now, I really hated to see people leave during the concert. If you have to go to the toilet, then please go before the show or during intermission. But ok, when nature calls, then go...
But when people leave, just to come back with popcorn or ice cream I did feel a certain kind of rage rise within me. Buy your crappy stuff during intermission, you don't need to sit there munching on popcorn and slurping your drink!!

Also when the stage grew dark between two songs I sometimes took a quick look around. And I saw quite a few “illuminated” spots, where people were either playing or texting with their mobile phones. Honestly people, if you don't want to watch the concert, then leave!! Don't be so bloody disrespectful!

So, to mention some songs:

As we all know, Awakening is a powerful song to start off with.
Chloë did an amazing job in Nocturne. Actually in all of the songs. Her voice is so powerful and I could listen to her all day long (if she could sing all day long as well, lol).
Máiréad is just full of energy on stage! I started clapping to the rhythm of The Foxhunter and soon the whole arena joined in. Plus point for the audience! Cheesy

I love Sailing. I did really like Tommy's intro with the flute, great job! But I think it was a bit too long for an intro, know what I mean? I did prefer the bagpipes intro... Speaking about the pipes, when Anto came out I noticed he had his band outfit on. I suppose he was going to change later then.

I somehow miss the cello in A Woman's Heart but the song is still great! This song is one of my favourites. It has something really touching about it.

I loved the way the girls were talking in German. Even if it were just a few words! Great great! Cheesy Lisa Lambe did speak a lot of German and she amazes me again and again. Smiley Great song Dulaman and also later on with Spaceman... She's just an amazing woman.

Well, Follow On...I still had Lisa's version in mind and only saw one or two videos of Susan singing...but she did an AWESOME job! I mean, obviously it's not Lisa Kelly but Susan has her own kind of powerful voice and it was simply fantastic! She did seem to have some technical problems though because her hand often went to her ear with the microphone and ear piece.

And TAR, needless to say that was funny. The intro started as usual. It looked like Chloë sat down on an empty front row seat (I couldn't really make it out). And when Susan came I guessed she would stop briefly for an applause (thanks to Neil for giving the hint in your reviews, lol). I didn't want to disappoint her and started clapping. The audience soon joined in. Another plus point! Cheesy
There's so much going on up there, and only about half way through I noticed that Anthony was on stage sitting next to Shane, playing a flute (or later he told me it was a smallpipe). I didn't really see that because he had Lisa sitting on his lap for a while and I tried to catch everything on stage, lol! Cheesy Of course I couldn't, lol! Cheesy

Danny Boy: Susan introduced the song but was interrupted by an applause for Shane as she introduced him. Well this song is really wonderful. And they're right, there's no CW concert without it!

Anyway, intermission came up far to quick! So I got up and went to the merch table. I got myself a program book and a Lisa Kelly CD (which they were offering so I had to have one of course). Other merch were CDs and DVDs and T-shirts and some kind of paperweight or so.

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There can be miracles, when you believe!

« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2012, 10:00AM »

Part 2

After intermission Amazing Grace started. Love the way CW does it. Anthony now had his kilt on. Wink
In the middle of this song, some new people arrived in the audience. I saw that because they walked past me and took their seats somewhere in the middle of the arena.

Another time, Susan blew me away with her rendition of The Water Is Wide. She is a fantastic woman with a great voice. Please, she has to stay with CW!!
I did miss the pipes in this song though. If you ask me, it adds that special extra to it.

Ray's Bodhran solo was funny and he got a well deserved applause! The audience also clapped along sometimes. And Ray spoke a few words in German. I think he said “Alles gut?” which means as much as “everything ok?” Cheesy

Green Grow The Rushes Oh... Huge plus point for the audience. We did an awesome job! Honestly, the whole audience was singing the chorus (ok well maybe not everyone in the audience, but still most of the people did. Me as well of course, lol). Lisa Lambe introduced it (with quite a lot of German) and Ewan accompanied her on his guitar. Then Lisa introduced Chloë and the singing began! Smiley

I love the Broadway songs. And yes, I also noticed Anthony coming out with the djembe (or whatever it's called) during Circle Of Life. Smiley He had his band outfit on again.

Máiréad fired the audience up whenever she could. And Craig got a well deserved applause after his tap dancing. That was Women of Ireland.

When Lisa introduced The Parting Glass and told us it was time to say goodbye a sad groaning went through the audience. The song was amazing!
Honestly I don't think anyone has ever mentioned it before, but Anthony gets changed so often during the show! Doesn't seem like much but try that yourself if you have the chance. Wink Not that easy! He was wearing his piper outfit again.
Take a notice yourself next time you see a show. Smiley

At last, after The Parting Glass the audience gets up for a standing ovation. But when the Encore starts, they sit down again. Weird behaviour.

So the show is over and it was then I realized that I was going to meet up with Anto in a few minutes time!!! Wohoo! I grew excited! Cheesy

My small and short “M&G” with Anthony

For those that still don't understand why I'm amazed by Anthony... he's a piper and so am I. It's like a violinist meeting up with Máiréad. Get it now?!?! I'm tired of people asking me why and telling me he's “not important”. “He's 'just' a piper”... well for you he might be, but that's not so for me! And if you don't like it, not my problem!

Anyway, Vicky and I left the arena and waited at the merch table, while people were leaving the concert hall. It had grown pretty empty, but Anthony still hadn't come. Just as I wanted to go and ask an usher I saw a familiar person walk towards the merch table.
I thought he would appear with his kilt and maybe his pipes. Instead he came with normal street clothes. And he got changed again! lol

It was great to finally meet Anthony. After what happened last year I wasn't sure if he'd give me another chance. He's a really really kind and friendly lad and the time we had we talked a lot. Or I should say I talked a lot. It's like some people say it's at a M&G with the girls. They want to get to know you. And I had the same feeling here. He asked me questions about my piping, the band, if I liked the show etc.
It seemed to me as if he was also enjoying the time talking and listening to me! He doesn't get much credit, compared to the ladies (well they are unbelievable) but I wanted to let him know that we do respect and admire everything he does. I hope I was able to give him that kind of feeling. (It's somehow hard to describe in words without sounding too offensive towards another artist, but I guess you know what I mean?)

Unfortunately the ushers weren't that pleased that we hadn't left yet. They urged us on to hurry up. Anthony gave me a signed gift (it's like a small towel from McCallum Bagpipes, which he signed for me) and was about to leave when I quickly asked for a picture.
One of the ushers really looked at me angrily now and then Anthony gave the coolest reply: “Chill down man” he told the usher. Cheesy Cheesy So Vicky quickly took a picture of Anto and me, I've posted it further down. That's why the quality isn't the best either.

Then we had to leave. I really wanted to ask Anthony other stuff! But it did seem that he had to go as well. Now that I think about it, I'm glad I didn't take my pipes. Because we wouldn't have had time to “inspect” them. Maybe another time then. I did regret about forgetting the CD at home though.

I still asked an usher about a poster but either he was playing the stupid or he really was. So I asked another one and he told me to ask at the merch table. As I tried to explain that it was a poster hanging up in the venue another usher came and told us to leave.

Well that was it then. We took the tram home and then I still joined the M chat for a short time. After that I went to bed because I wanted to catch an early train home the next day. But as my brother got his new Xbox game Monday morning we played that and I always told myself I'd catch the next one.
I wanted to take the Railjet at 1:14 pm but due to the tram (and again it managed to delay me, I don't believe it!!!) and red traffic lights, the train drove off just as I was running onto the platform.
So I had to catch a later train. But finally, everything went well and I arrived at home safe and sound. Smiley

So the picture with Anthony and me.


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« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2012, 10:16AM »

Great review, Ben.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2012, 10:49AM »

Great review!! Their is nothing wrong with being dresy going to a theatre/concert etc!! It's very classy and I had my fair share! But hey, definately looks beter than the people who wear tatered jeans etc to a production... I think thats not right!! Great picture to!  p.s I had to laugh becasue my brother also has a girlfriend named Vikki to!! Sounds like you had a good time!!

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« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2012, 12:58PM »

Fantastic review Cheesy I'm so glad that you finally met Anthony. A dream come true isn't it ? Grin

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« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2012, 01:14PM »

I enjoyed the review.  I have met all the current girls except Susan but I would love to meet Anthony and Ray.  That would be so cool.  They are a very important part of the show.  Well, all band members are important but Anthony and Ray seem really interesting.  I'm glad you met Anthony, a fellow piper.  Nice picture.

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« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2012, 02:17PM »

Great review Ben !!!!! I'm glad for you,  that you could meet Anthony this year. Grin Grin Grin

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« Reply #7 on: June 06, 2012, 04:20PM »

Very nice Ben.  Surprising that Anto didn't have his kilt and pipes.  I agree with you, audiences can be frustrating at times.
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« Reply #8 on: June 10, 2012, 05:35PM »

thanks for a great review.. cool that you got to meet Anthony..
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« Reply #9 on: June 10, 2012, 10:28PM »

yes,  it was great to hear that you  finally received the chance to speak with him.

=)  yes!! We got to go ! 
Then there was Atlanta !
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