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Author Topic: Hine e Hine  (Read 3753 times)
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« on: April 16, 2007, 06:00PM »

Does anybody have any idea of what the man in the middle of Hine e Hine says? I hear it so much & I can't understand it; it's driving me crazy!!!

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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 04:36AM »

All I know is it's Maori..

I know on Hayley's DVD she mentions the song is a lullabye of some sort, that the local TV stations used it at the end of their days broadcast. So not sure if the talking on the CD is part of that lullabye or not

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"Hine E Hine"

E tangi ana Koe
Hine, E Hine!
Kua ngenge ana koe
Hine, E Hine!
Kati to pouri ra
Noho i te Aroha
Te ngakau o te Matua
Hine, E Hine!

E Hari to moe moea
Hine, E Hine!
Marama ahua
Hine, E Hine!
I roto i to moenga
Mehemea he Marama
Ka tae mai te Reinga
Hine, E Hine!

[English translation:]

Plaintive all through the night -
Hine, E Hine!
Weeping till morning light -
Hine, E Hine!
From my care why try to leap
There is love for you
Mother's arms their strength will keep
Hine, E Hine!
See where there comes the morn
Hine, E Hine!
Long rays of early dawn
Hine, E Hine!
Shining to Reinga far
Where thy noble grandsires are
Nestle Aroha!
Hine, E Hine!

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