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Author Topic: Red Rocks - June 9th - Simply Amazing  (Read 5044 times)
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Hey guys,
   I would first like to thank Scott Taylor and Roy Kindard for the showing me Red Rocks. You missed you calling ? I remember when I first heard that Celtic Woman would be a Red Rocks, I could not believe that I was finally going to be at Red Rocks to see Celtic Woman. Most of what I read was from fellow forum members, so I knew it was a very special place.
  The luck of the Irish was with me this day. This was because I was the first forum member in line to be wearing the pink Happy Birthday shirt thanks again goes to Scott Taylor for suggesting that I give Chloe the extra one that I had?. Lisa and Mairead were the first to notice that something was different; I was wearing pink and honestly guys before this I have NEVER worn pink, but knew I should for Chloe. Next I told Chloe this was for her and I believe I have a pic of here expression. She was taken by surprise, guys she truly did not know that we were celebrating her birthday. I asked her if she was having a great birthday and she said it was now even better. All the girls loved the shirt (Thanks Alexa). Another thanks again goes to Scott Taylor for suggesting that I give Chloe the extra one that I had?. I then decided to show them another surprise. Looking through my dresser several weeks ago I found a pair of pink fuzzy socks, so I decided why not. You only live once right? I showed the girls my pink fuzzy socks and they just loved them (Thanks Mom). To my surprise Michael (camera guy) took several photos this time. He usually only takes one, but decided with many of us to did the same.
   It began with Mairead at the top of the stairs to begin Awakening and Red Rocks came alive. Chloe’s Ave Maria was the best I have ever experienced, this included the Atlanta taping. With Chloe’s beautiful voice and Red Rocks wonderful acoustics, it could not get any better. Lisa Bridge Over Troubled Waters was one that many of us teared up over.  There is something about Red Rocks that brings this song to an emotional state. I shedded tears over this song and I know many of you did as well. I remember GranuaiIe’s  Dance of course from The New Journey DVD. I never will forget seeing Mairead barefoot playing the fiddle beautifully. This is Mairead’s song and there is no one that can ever touch the passion she has for it. After 7 years of being my dream was about to happen. Many of you discovered Celtic Woman on PBS, I discovered them on a TV commercial. I remember being away from the TV and sudden hearing this voice, this beautiful voice sing a song called “The Voice”. I remember thinking WHO IS THAT, I didnot know for several days after that it was Lisa Kelly with a group called Celtic Woman. As we know Lisa is no longer with group but I knew with Susan she would do wonderful job. For this song the wind seemed to be following along at times. It almost seemed to be cued at perfect time. For Amazing Grace I only read and heard what many of you told me. We see Anthony (the 5th CW HA HA!) on top of Red Rocks getting ready to begin. Honestly guys you did not give it justice. With Red Rocks you hear Anthony’s bagpipes like nothing you have ever heard. Moments later the girls go out on the stage and Red Rocks if filled with beautiful voices and Anthony’s bagpipes. This is one moment that will NEVER be duplicated. With TAR Lisa and Chloe decided to sit on the laps of the pianoist and Tommy. I know everyone was not surprised. With Ni ch la Ray received tow slaps on the arm this time. One was from Mairead and other was for Chloe. Ray decided to drop to his knee and pray to guy for help.  I donot think he wanted to get involved do you???  You Raise Me Up at Red Rocks are like none other than you will ever hear. The emotion this song carried was felt by not only this lucky audience me member, but everyone on stage as well .  The last song was Parting Glass and I knew the greatest concert I have ever been a part of was coming to a close. After this powerful song, Chloe told us we were the greatest in the world and the show was ended.
   Red Rocks was in the books and I would not have missed it for anything in the world. We decided to take a walk to the bus in hopes of saying one final goodbye. After a few minutes, we saw the choir and they came over and took pictures with many of us. Next we saw Susan and I think Mairead. Did Mairead come with Susan? Susan gave us a wave while she was boarding the bus. Next will one that I never will forget the birthday girl, Chloe came over and told each of us thank you for the wonderful birthday. She I just have to hug you all. Honestly this one moment I wish would have lasted forever. Michael came and decided to take a few pictures with Chloe and all of us. If you donot BELIEVE me just log on to the CW North American web site.  Chloe waved goodbye and a few seconds later Bill, me and several others witnessed with we believed was a falling star. What moment this was for us. Lisa came moments later Rachael had told us she gave her a pink phone cover, we see Lisa boarding the bus holding the pink cover and blowing kisses to all of us. Dermot was the last one to pay us all a visit and take pictures. Many of us had decided to go to a late night restaurant and talk about this wonderful night.
  This was my first Red Rocks experience, so I had no idea what to expect. Before this all I know was what many of you told me and what I found on googling. To me this is the best venue that Celtic Woman has ever been to.  I witnessed all of us show the love we have for what is the greatest group in the world. I think it was said by Mike (Mr. Peabody) to me last year in Vegas that you are not a complete Celtic Woman until you have been to Red Rocks and he is absolutely correct. This night I will never forget.
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Finally! A review of the Red Rocks concert. It is always a treat to read of others experiences at a CW concert.
It truly allows us to be threre with you

Actually 'review' is probably not the proper word  here.  It certaintly is more than that.

Red Rocks - Simply Amazing. I bwelieve it.

Thanks for posting.


Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

Thanks for all of your wonderful music Deirdre
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