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Author Topic: Sacramento 3/28  (Read 1506 times)
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« on: April 04, 2014, 08:42PM »

After a week my synaptic overload has subsided allowing me to present this collection of thoughts   

        It wasn't bad for a day that threatened thunderstorms with a chance of tornado (an extreme rarity in these parts) Friday morning and afternoon turned out to breezy with white puffy clouds chasing each other across the sky.  Friday night turned out to be even better.
   The first part of the night was adventurous, for me at least.  I'm always hesitant to meet new people.  Fortunately for me, I made it past that part.  The result a nice time at de Veres's Irish pub in Sacramento, dampened only by the need to be briefly absent in order to snag my ticket at will call. (Apparently they were in a different time zone at the box office, window opens at 5:30 turned out to be 5:45, much to dismay of a number of us who were meeting people at various restaurants).
   With one exception every live show I've been to has been at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento.  The last time they were in town was two years ago, so I’ve been in a bit of withdrawal.  As soon as tickets went on sale back in November I snagged one, much to my surprise I found myself in row C just 3 seats in from one of the center walkways (normally KVIE buys out a huge block of seats leaving a single strip of seats exiled to the extreme edge of the block). 
   A consequence of not having seen a live show in two years is that I was uncertain of what to expect, what has changed.  Well, that was a waste perfectly good worrying everything looked and sounded if it had always been that way.  That is kind of funny because things didn't use to be the way they are now.  I have a great appreciation of the evolution of the live show.  The first shows I recall seeing seemed to be a superb execution of set of songs followed by an intermission and then another set.   Now there's a familiarity with the show that makes it more comfortable, a few words on The moon is a harsh Mistress or snagging someone out of the audience for the trip towards the stage during Téir Abhaile Riú.
   Friday night gave me mix of old and new pieces and I loved it all.   The fact that they had gotten the staff at the MA to remove the cover over what would normally be the orchestra "pit" and place stairs at the stage (which were right in front of me) allowed for a full range of things to do.  Anthony would no longer have to worry about tripping over an audience member’s foot while trying to make it to the side door during Amazing Grace; he could go straight to the stage.   I don't recall anyone coming down the aisles for TAR before, which lead to an amusing event.  The spotlight lit up the aisle and I turned to see a guy carrying his child back to their seat.   naturally he had an "uh oh" look on his face.  What he didn't know is that Lynn had been sneaking up on them the whole time they were sneaking back to their seat.  I couldn't see the other side very well but it looked as if a guy had been snagged for a dance before they made it up the stairs (I'm glad I was 3 seats in, my two left feet and the urge to flee wouldn't have looked very good).  I don't recall the "stomp" number with the guys having been in the show before.  That was a lot of fun.   Ray has too much fun for it to be work. The humor injected into the show from Máiréad teasingly fiddling to the "wait we're not done yet" after an ovation (ladies you will always get a Sacramento audience on its feet after Mo Ghile Mear), made it feel like a group of friends (just a couple thousand) gettin together.
   I can only hope that it's not another two years before another live show.


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« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 09:18PM »

 Sounds  like  a  blast.....   Cool   One  more  good  reason  to  continue  our  faith  in  David  D. 

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« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2014, 09:20PM »

Thanks for posting your thoughts. With every review I read, I get more and more anxious for May 20th and June 8th to come.  Smiley

Thank you Chiara for my beautiful banner. Smiley
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It was good time wasn't it?
We were glad to meet you at the pre show pub and it was fun to talk about the show during the break and after as well.  
I hope we have the chance to do it again soon.
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=)  yes!! We got to go ! 
Then there was Atlanta !
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Thanks for the review. It is always fun to read how someone else viewed the same show. And I am glad you overcame your "stranger danger" because I don't think we were toooooo scary and it is nice to meet you and talk a little. The only problem I saw with dinner was that it was noisy, but what do we expect at an Irish Pub? Still fun.
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Nice review and it sounds like the lot of you had a great time.  Now for my fan gathering and show a week from today.  There will be new and old faces there.  It will be a blast.

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