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Author Topic: Lynn Hilary on Mass of the Angels  (Read 20788 times)
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:12PM »

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Lynn Hilary is on Colm Ó Foghlú's album, Mass of the Angels.

Here's the tracklist.  Lynn is on 6 of the tracks, but the whole album is worth purchasing.

1. Bí I'd Aingeal Dom - Introit
2. Kyrie
3. Psalm 148
4. Alleluia

5. There is No Night
6. Sanctus & Benedictus
7. Agnus Dei
8. A Aingil Aoibhinn

9. Diagacht Cheoil - Benedicamus Domino
10. Greannta: Tree of Life
11. Greannta: Lava Cameo
12. Greannta: The Source
13. Greannta: The Singers
14. Greannta: That the Science of Cartography is Limited
15: Greannta: A Habitable Grief
16. Greannta: Epilogue

It's absolutely beautiful: an orchestra, a children's choir, and of course, Lynn's sweet soprano voice. Grin  Here are some of the songs on Youtube!
A Aingil Aoibhinn
Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

You can order the CD on Amazon, CDBaby, and ITunes. Smiley

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The album is indeed fantastic and very worth purchasing. Love all the songs, but my favorites are Kyrie and Agnus Dei. Such a gorgeous, haunting sound. Lynn's sound  Grin

Colm Ó Foghlú is an excellent composer, I believe he also worked with Máiréad in the past.
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 Thanks  for  the   heads  up !   Cool

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Um, just one question: is Psalm 148 sung in English?

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Um, just one question: is Psalm 148 sung in English?

In Irish  Smiley
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The first part of the album (Mass of the Angels) is particularly well arranged and very satisfying. The emphasis is on the children's choir and orchestration in this album. Pretty much all the songs are fantastic. Lynn's angelic voice really shines in these songs and does so without overshadowing the other elements in the song. Rather than having choir and orchestration to back her, it feels like she's taking on the role of complimenting the rest of the music.

There Is No Night, though it doesn't feature Lynn, is definitely worth mentioning. Mairead Nesbitt performed the song on two of her albums (Raining Up and Hibernia). Colm Ó Foghlú performs an instrumental interlude in the track on both albums. In Mass of the Angels, Colm Ó Foghlú performs his whole piece on the whistle (the "low whistle" I think). It's definitely one of my all-time favourite instrumental tracks.

The second part of the album, "Greannta/Inscribed Suite" wasn't quite as satisfying for me and doesn't feature Lynn.

Overall "Mass of the Angels" is beautiful and easy listening.


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