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Author Topic: Has anyone been to the UK shows ?  (Read 21122 times)
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« on: November 25, 2014, 08:58AM »

I haven't seen yet a review of the show in London or elsewhere in Great Britain. Has nobody here gone to see our celtic ladies ? That would be too bad.
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Oh you have made me very angry, very angry indeed!

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Don't know much about the shows, but I did see a picture and tweet that Maggie sent out! Apparently Lisa is currently on the UK Tour!
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I Haven't logged in here for ages!
My wife and I went to Birmingham Symphony Hall last Tuesday.
The show was wonderful! We had not seen Celtic Woman since Powerscourt Gardens in 2009 so there has been many changes since.
The line up was Mairead x 2, Susan and Lisa Lambe.
We sat on the second row next to the aisle which fortunately was a very good choice as Lisa decided to sit on my knee during one song but for some reason I cannot remember the song! I was totally amazed and will remember that moment for a long time!
It was very special to finally see a show in the UK and they also mentioned that there would be more next year,

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 That's  good  to  hear  George. That means  CW  will  be  going  on at least one  more  year.     Cool

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