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Author Topic: New Australia Promos!  (Read 3593 times)
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CW film Alex Lynn as next guest DVD!

« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2015, 06:35AM »

That explains your response to the weirdness, you got the most Amazing concert of CW10 with Alex & Lynn in May...
They are all amazing, but that one to me stands out from all of them..

I admire Alex how her voice came out in May as she did it differently for June, doing
Lynn's role. You can tell from the video clips.

Gladly, I respect I got the Emerald Tour wish with mine April 26 featuring: Lynn, Susan & Mairead C like in 2014*. Grin
Including in honor of Lynn singing The Voice for me  Smiley!

I'm from Louisiana I went to the New Orleans show on May 8th and I saw Mairead N, Susan,Alex and Lynn and I met Sarah Gannon! they come back Shreveport in October which is way closer but I may not be able to make that one but it's fine!
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