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Author Topic: Chloe in Seattle March 20, 2016  (Read 5026 times)
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I'm replying to this a bit late, but for her solo concerts are just her and Dermot. And the duets between her and Dermot are certainly not to be missed; their voices work together absolutely beautifully. She sang a bunch of Irish songs, and a few songs she sang with CW, such as Galway Bay, Isle of Hope and a few others I think. Suffice it to say, her solo concert is definitely super excellent. Smiley

Well, I thought I was lucky to have heard Isle of Hope, because she said it had been requested by someone during the Meet & Greet. So I thought that meant she wouldn't have performed it otherwise. Maybe she was just mentioning it so that the guy who requested it would feel special, even if she'd already planned to sing it, anyway.

I wasn't sure about the photo dimensions guidelines here, or how to re-size my photos here, so I'm posting a link to my post on the Hayley official forum, where I know how to re-size them:

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Now I'll tell you a little about the concert. First off, the concert began with a bang... literally! When Chloe walked up onto the stage, Dermot's music stand attached to his keyboard promptly fell to floor, his music in a mess! LOL She then informed us that they had also had a flat tire along the way, and she joked about the luck of the Irish. This happened a second time, during the second half of the show. She was singing her original song when it went splat on the floor again! Chloe feigned annoyance at her love for disrupting her performance, saying she was in the middle of selling her soul. At one point she gave him a sweet smile as if she wasn't mad after all, and then promptly turned to us with a deep and disapproving, but obviously not serious, frown on her face. It was all very amusing.

Not only did she sing the folk type songs we're accustomed to from CW, she also sang one original song, and some current songs that have been made famous by Irish artists or Irish musical productions. Dermot Kiernan played piano and guitar and sang with her quite a bit, as well. He even sang one song while she took a "breather" after the Rattlin' Bog, which was a very taxing song to sing. The song he sang was called Cavan Girl.

Here are some songs that I remember, not necessarily in order:

No Frontiers
Galway Bay
Isle of Hope
Raglan Road
Danny Boy
Irish song medley, which included Mo Ghile Mear and Spanish Lady, and I'll Tell Me Ma
Rattlin' Bog
Falling Slowly
All I Want
Chasing Cars (which is much lovelier than it sounds)
The Gathering (original by Chloe)
You Raise Me Up
When Irish Eyes are Smiling (encore)

I may have forgotten one or two, but that's all I can remember. I was a little disappointed not to hear My Lagan Love, after one description of upcoming concerts listed it as one we might expect to hear.

At the table just outside the theatre entrance door, there were stacks of a Chloe album called Heartstrings, which I was not aware even existed! I'll take a picture of it and post it sometime soon, so you can all see the tracklisting that way. I'm not sure when it came out and I don't remember seeing it on Amazon when I recently did a search, and is not even available from her website (which you can only get to through a link on her FB page, here:  
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Chloë Agnew will always be my VBIF forever~!

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I wanna try Chloe's composition of "The Gathering". How will I hear it?

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