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In September, my parents had given me tickets to see Orlagh Fallon's concert in Binghamton, NY for my birthday!! It was the best birthday present EVER!!! I have always been an enormous fan of her for almost five years. Not just a fan of her music, and amazing harp playing, but her extremely warm, and sweet personality. I play the harp because of her, in case some of you didn't know that, and when I first started performing, I was having extreme confidence issues, as most of the other teachers I had really frowned upon mistakes. I told Orlagh over social media when I had a performance coming up, and how nervous I was about it. She was so supportive and encouraging, she told me I was going to be amazing, and she told me to have fun. Since then, she and I started to bond and develop a relationship. When I told her I was going to be seeing her in Binghamton, she said she was so excited to finally meet me!! I started counting down the months, then the days, and at last, the day finally arrived!!

We arrived in Binghamton around 3:00. When we walked in, the receptionist not only gave us our room number and key, but gave us chocolate chip walnut cookies!! Yum!! My cookie didn't last long! Wink The hotel room reminded me of the hotels at Disney World; wide, open, pretty, and clean. Also our window had the PERFECT view of the Broome Center for the Performing Arts! See?

At around 5:30, we went to a burger place for dinner. I was so excited, I almost didn't eat anything, but I did just in time for us to walk to the theater for Orlagh's concert!!

The Show:
When we got inside, we handed in our tickets, and went into the concert hall. Orlagh's big, beautiful Salvi Egan harp was sitting there on the stage. Oh my goodness!! That made me so excited, I was having trouble not squealing! Cheesy Roll Eyes We got into our seats which were in the front row, RIGHT in the middle! I struck up a conversation with Rob, (TravelingSpaceman) and we talked and talked about lots of things, until the show finally started. Amberly, Jonathon, and Mark, (a pianist who Orlagh calls Mr. Squid because his last name is Calamary) came out and played the intro to Ni Na La. Then Orlagh came out and started singing, and oh my god! She is great on YouTube, but in person, she is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She filled the room with her beautiful, angelic voice, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in a new black lace dress. Then she went into a lovely acapella version of a song called Colcannon. Orlagh said, "You don't normally hear a song about mashed potatoes!" LOL! Orlagh described how it's mashed potatoes with an extreme amount of butter, and how it's not very good for the heart... Tongue Anyway she, Amberly, and Jonathon did an AMAZING job on it, even though it's a bit of a silly song. Then Orlagh went to her harp, and before she played, she had to tune one of the strings, because she said that that harp had just come that morning, and had been sitting in a car for a few days. Then she launched into an absolutely gorgeous version of My Love is like a Red Rose. When she played the final chords, you're not going to believe this, she looked straight at me, and gave me the most beautiful smile! Shocked Shocked Oh my goodness! It felt so amazing!! Now here is where my memory gets fuzzy when it comes to the order of the songs, so I will just write out a review of each song in the order of the set list. Roll Eyes

Five Hundred Miles Away From Home: Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I have never heard Orlagh sing Johnny Cash before, but I think it suits her very well, and I would love for her to record it one day!

Two Sisters: Though the sisters don't have a very happy ending, Orlagh did amazing as always on the song, and I love all the whoops she did between some verses!

Always There: Orlagh talked about her good friend, Kelli, who couldn't be there that night, and how she is an amazing person who means a lot to her, and she dedicated this song to her. She put so much feeling and emotion in this song, and I was almost in tears.

In The Sweet By and By: Orlagh, you did absolutely AMAZING with this! You made me fall in love with this song, and I really hope you put this on your new album! (Yes, in case some of you didn't know, Orlagh shared some songs that is planning to record later this year for a NEW ALBUM!! Can't wait for it to come out!! Grin Grin )

An Mhaighdean Mhara: Orlagh told a story about a beautiful mermaid who fell in love with a handsome fisherman, and how she had a magic cloak that emotionally connected her to the sea. Her husband hid the cloak after they got married so she would forget about the sea and enjoy her new life. They have two children, a boy and a girl, and one day when they were playing together, they found her cloak, and went to her asking what it was. Her heart broke for her family, and eventually her love for the sea was so great, that she eventually left her family for the sea. A sad song, but Orlagh did an amazing job, and made me a little teary eyed.

Tennessee Waltz: This was such a fun song, and you couldn't help but move around in your seat. I really hope this is on her new album!

Intermission: During intermission, there was an amazing pipe band who entertained us with bag pipes, and drums. At one point during the performance, some of the drummers had glow-in-the-dark drumsticks, and it was so cool watching them light up whenever they played.

Dancing In The Moonlight: This is definitely one of my favorite Orlagh songs ever!! She said how it started out as a harp tune, and when she couldn't help but sing along, decided to put words to it. Amazing job, Orlagh! I don't want you to ever stop performing it! It's definitely a favorite!!

Sonny: Orlagh, just beautiful!!

Red Is The Rose: Orlagh's and Jonathon's voices sounded absolutely beautiful together! I never knew Jonathon had such an amazing voice!! I hope he tours with Orlagh whenever she has a show! He has to!!

Spanish Lady: This song wasn't listed on the program, but Orlagh nailed it, as usual. She also talked about working with the Dubliners when she did her My Land DVD and CD. She also talked about how she was once skipping along on Grafton Street, in high heels, and a brand new pair of pants, and fell into a pothole! :O She said she ripped the knee of her new pants, and one of the Dubliners said to her, "You're like us now, Orlagh" Cheesy It was a funny story!

Distant Shore: Orlagh talked about how when her Dad passed away, it was very difficult to sing this song because it's about when a loved one passes away you will eventually meet them again on a "Distant Shore" Orlagh poured her heart out in this song, and I got a little teary-eyed.

Lullaby Medley (Suantrai, La La Lu, When You Wish Upon A Star): Orlagh dedicated this medley to a girl named Victoria that she met yesterday at the Water Street Brewing Co where she had a meet and greet. The lullabies made me a little sleepy, and her voice, oh so beautiful, and soothing.

Simple Love: Orlagh talked about how this song reminded her about her Grandfather, and how he always gave, and never asked for anything back. She put all her heart in this song, and I could have sworn I saw a tear in her eye when she finished.

Innisfree: Orlagh tuned the harp a little more, and told us how much this song meant to her Dad, and how he always wanted her to perform it. She played it. The way she played it: Beyond perfection. That's all I can say.

Hard Times: The version Orlagh did of this song was very different from the version on her Distant Shore CD. This version was faster, and very jazzy, and she did an absolutely amazing job with it!! Mark, Jonathon, and Amberly each had a small jazzy solo, and I really like this new version! I hope she records this version too!

Bright Blue Rose: This song was also not listed on the program, but I really loved this song, and the way Orlagh sang it. I hope she records this too!

Tell Me Ma: Orlagh thanked everybody for coming, and launched right into Tell Me Ma. Because of the smaller stage, we didn't get to see Amberly's dancing. Boo. But she still did an amazing solo, and when there was that somewhat long pause before the ending, Orlagh went "Ooooh!" Like "it's so quiet in here!" which got a laugh from the audience. Cheesy Cheesy Absolutely an amazing way to end!

Orlagh, Amberly, Jonathon, and Mark left the stage, and during the applause, Orlagh peeked out the side of the stage, disappeared, then came back out, and went to the harp. She then said she was going to play a song that she hadn't played since Celtic Woman, and then launched into (guess what?) CARRICKFERGUS!!! Orlagh played and sang it like she had been performing it her entire life, but the microphone started lowering more and more, and Orlagh had to adjust it. Throughout the entire song, the microphone kept lowering and lowering, and poor Orlagh had to keep adjusting it, until someone from backstage came out and tried to fix it, but he couldn't. I could tell Orlagh was a little panicked when she finished, but she did the song perfectly, and despite all the adjustments to the microphone, she didn't miss a beat, or note! I wish I could do that! Cheesy Roll Eyes

Meet and Greet: Before Orlagh left the stage, she said she was going to be in the lobby to meet everyone. I stayed back with some of the CWF members, and I talked with some of them, until one of the workers made us go to the lobby. When I saw Orlagh, I got so excited, and was getting more and more antsy by the minute! My Dad took out his video camera and got ready to record. Finally when my turn came, Orlagh said, "It's so lovely to finally meet you!!" ran up to me, and gave me one of the biggest hugs I ever had! You guys were right! Orlagh gives the most amazing hugs!! She complemented me on my dress, and my hair, and just kept saying how happy she was to finally meet me! LOL! I was SO happy to meet her too!! She said my Mom and I looked like sisters, and she complemented my Mom on her skin. She asked me if I liked the show, and of course I said "YES!!" After we took a picture, Orlagh told me she had seen some of my videos of me playing the harp. She was very impressed and complemented me on my playing. I'm on YouTube, and if some of you want to check out some of my videos, you can click here: Then, I pulled out a gift I made for her, and when she opened it, and saw it, she seemed very impressed, thanked me, gave me another hug, and told me that she will put it in her music room. (Huge smiles here Grin Grin ) I then took out my Lullaby Time CD, and she signed it! I love how she personally invites people to meet her, and takes her time with every single person in the room. She is just a real genuine, caring, loving, and warm person. We talked a little more, and after two more amazing hugs, we had to say goodbye. Sad She wished us a safe journey back home, and I told her not to stay away too long. She said she wouldn't. :-) When we got back to our hotel, I was on cloud nine, and I still am!! We got back home yesterday, and I am just so grateful I finally got to meet the amazing, talented, and incredibly, incredibly sweet Orlagh Fallon!! I really hope to see her again one day!! Smiley Smiley

The set list: By the way, Orlagh said that because her harp wasn't staying in tune, she had to cut out a few songs, which is why it looks like there are some songs I didn't do a review on, but no doubt those would have been amazing!! Wink Grin

Mom and me before the concert: See Orlagh's harp? Grin

Massive Orlagh hug!! Grin Grin

Orlagh opening her gift, and what I made for her:

Orlagh signing my CD, and her autograph:

And finally, Orlagh and me! Can you tell how much I adore this lady? Smiley Grin

My Dad recorded me meeting Orlagh, so here's the link to the video if you want to see it:
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Thank you for the great review. It's obvious you put a lot of time, work, and love into it. I feel like I saw the show all over again.  Cheesy  What a great show, and an unforgettable evening. I can't say it any better than you did.

What a "CWazy" coincidence that two forum friends who live hundreds and hundreds of miles away can get tickets and wind up sitting next to each other at a show without even realizing it at first.  Wink  It was lovely meeting you and your parents, and a blessing to be able to share your special moment with you. I think Orlagh enjoyed meeting you just as much as you enjoyed meeting her.  Smiley  Your gift is adorable, I know she loved it.

I had a pretty special chat with Orla, too - since she had talked about losing her Dad, I shared about my experience losing my Mom. What a sweet lady - she even asked my Mom's name, so she could remember her when she sung that song. That's pretty amazing.

Hope she comes back soon.  Smiley

Thank you Chiara for my beautiful banner. Smiley
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im kennedy i have ausim and love celtic woman

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that's so amazing for you to meet orla by the way im Kennedy im almost 16 in July and have autism i sarited listen to cw in 2014

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  Wow! Thank you for the wonderful review of Orlagh's show!  It's by far the best and most thorough I have seen!  I caught 6 of Orlagh's shows on her 2011 tour. I have missed her so much since.  I was unfortunately unable to make this one.

  You were so fortunate to get to spend this quality time with her too!  I can tell she was hoping to see you at the show.  Orlagh is the most caring thoughtful artist I have ever seen.  I do hope she'll go on a more extensive tour. Did she mention other tour dates?  If she does,  I'm there!  Wink Grin


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