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Author Topic: Curtis M. Philips Center for The Performing Arts in Gainesville, FL (4/24/2016)  (Read 1135 times)
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All I can say is "WOW"! This year's tour is amazing. Now it doesn't have all the fun, fast, exciting songs that we love about CW, but it does go to their roots. The first act seemed to fly by and it's already time for 20 minute intermission. The second act was relaxed and more tribute than the first act. They were about even in time length this year. Usually the first act is short and second is couple songs longer.

I loved the intros to the songs. Each one introduced a song by going into details about the history of Ireland and the song. My favorite, which was not on the DVD or CD, is Mna Ha Heirann. Loved how Eabha recited the poem and Susan translated in English and at the end Mairead C sung and Mairead N ended with a solo. What I have noticed is that they have move songs around on the setlist from what they had earlier on the tour.

Suil A Ruin
Ride On
Whole of the Moon
Butterfly (Moved from Act 2)
Keep from Singing
Amazing Grace
Bean Phadin (Moved from later in Act 1)
I See Fire
Purcussion and Dance Solo
Danny Boy
Westering Home (Moved from Act 2)

Orinoco Flow
Sometimes A Prayer Will Do
Mna Ha Heirann
Oro Se Do
My Land
Adele Melody (added later on tour)
Like An Angel Passing
Hill of Ireland (Moved From Act 1)
Walk Beside Me
Teir Abhaile

(Original North America Set list found here:

During Danny Boy, I've noticed Susan's face reacted when Eabha started. It was like she was on the wrong key, sounded like Mairead C got them back on the right key. I am disappointed in the dress change. They were only in their new dresses for 3 songs. I would expect the change to last longer instead of wearing them from "Hills of Ireland" to Finale.

After the concert I decided to go around back to the busses and watch them leave and maybe get some autographs. After last year at the Fox Theater in Atlanta I figured they would come out an get right on the bus without stopping and talking to fans. There were about a total of 8 of us out there waiting. Eabha came out first, not even 10 minutes after show was over, which surprised me. She came straight towards us took pictures and signed our books. She was nice and afterwards she disappeared around the corner. Which was opposite from the buses, so I figured she had a rental car since it would be 2 days until their next concert in Daytona.

Next we see Susan come around other side of the buses from where we are standing and heads straight on to the bus. Was disappointed but figured she'll be back out, her hands were full. Later Mairead C came out and both her and her fiance were loading their rental looks like for the beach. I asked for an autograph and she smiled and allowed us to come over. I told her congratulations on her engagement and she smiled and thanked me. Finally Susan came back out she looked like she lost something and was going through her bags. I noticed she had Molly's in her hand, which if you have attended a concert this season you would notice they are sponsored by them. I didn't want to be nagging so I waited on the side until she seemed to not be busy with the band and everyone. I finally called her name and she was allowed us to get her autograph and pictures. I've noticed that Mairead N is always the last one out, it's probably because she is so nice and wants to talk with everybody. When she came out she spent time with each one of us and was so nice. I was able to get a selfie with her and she did a thumbs up! I felt bad because my family was with me and I was the only one wanting an autograph and she went up to all of them expecting to sign something. We all laughed and they pointed it to me and said "He's the one!". We were all done and out to the vehicle about an hour after the concert. It shocked me on how fast the band, choir, and the girls was back into their everyday clothes and already leaving. It seemed they were all going to enjoy some beach weather on their days off. Everyone even the choir road off in rentals. I don't think anyone stayed on the buses.  I think due to this concert being a matinee they were able to spend time with us afterwards where if it was a night concert I can see them wanting to get on the bus and get some sleep before the next town.

Overall this was one of the best concerts I've been in a while.
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Lovely review! Smiley
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 Good  job.   Cool

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