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Author Topic: CW`s Plan B For 10th Anniversary DVD/CD reality  (Read 7965 times)
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Alex Lynn as next guest DVD, Susan LL next Castle

« on: September 20, 2016, 11:16AM »

2 Year Believe Tour, 1 Emerald Tour For 10th Anniversary DVD/CD to be Possible!
Celtic Woman gives a space of 2 years between specials. (exception of Christmas specials)

Believe 2.0 as also film as Emerald PBS whereas the one in 2014 is considered new Emerald Tour
Different gems I suppose.

From Belive 2.0 to Believe 2nd Year!
If Believe 2.0 would been replaced by a 2nd Year for Believe Tour as ANJ, SFTH, Destiny(undetermined)
 all Have Done So!
The Emerald Tour (a 2nd Isle of Hope)
If going by 2014's Emerald Tour as the next generation Change to CW like as 2nd Isle Of Hope called Emerald
- introducing along Lisa L, Susan & MC as same done had Alex & Lynn been officially introduced in 2009's would fit well have the bright color dresses & all green dresses incorporated matched to Isle Of Hope's colors too for 1st & 2nd acts.

Cause & Effect

The Causes
1. The only Downsides to this CW Approach would be Lisa L would of lost a PBS Special Opportunity for Bridge Over Troubled Water & Dulaman for Her would be turned over to Lynn for CWX while so Susan would lose The Voice more popular Alex be given the song, except for Caledonia the new version by piano. Mairead C would then on surely get recordings for Newgrange, Nella Fantasia(or not) when it comes for the DVD/CD in 2015.
2. As for Chloe though Believe would been possibly been Chloe's last CW Special adding Lisa K to end together similarly on after the same last special they share. This is indeed unless Chloe would stayed on to at least do or end with HFC which which that would been both her & Lisa L's last PBS special before leaving.

The Effect's
1. A 2 Year Believe Tour as all the past specials had
2. A brand new introductory tour called The Emerald Tour of new member's, same favorites/ changes new-some much like Isle Of Hope featured.

3.* A PBS taping would be ready to start in 2015 as a Special Tribute 10th Anniversary Celebration DVD/CD.
(Incorporating including as Bonus Behind the scenes of the tour similar to:
 The Greatest Journey has done, Adding a Part II from IOH-present possible!)

4. 2016`s Destiny show would be filmed the following year same as today or be pushed to 2017 instead, I think 2018 obviously
would be too-long for the 2 year rule as respected in Pasts.

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