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Author Topic: New MGM lyrics?  (Read 604 times)
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« on: April 30, 2017, 05:06PM »

Does anyone know what the new lyrics and translation are
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Or Nil S'en La for that matter
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Link has a comment on lyrics I couldn't copy of MGM.
I'm also curious to Nil also since I would like to be able to sing this by the real words than my own guessing. Cheesy

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Oh you have made me very angry, very angry indeed!

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'Sé mo laoch mo ghile mear
Bonnie boy, Ghile Mear
You will be my gallant star
Oh haste to me, Mo Ghile Mear

Verse 1:
In this land, this land unfree
Oh who will think to unchain me?
My children keen* in vain for thee
To break my chains for liberty!


Verse 2:
Mountains high and valleys low,
The cuckoo sings of Saxon foes.
Tis you must strike the mortal blow,
Mo Ghile Mear, mo buachaill beo**


Verse 3:
So come, my love, to battle come!
To this fair land so wear'ly sung!
That harp and song the valleys him
And sound the song of freedom strong!

Chorus x3

*In this context, keen uses the old, oft forgotten verb form (which, incidentally, has roots in the Irish language) and means "wail in grief and despair"
**Rough translation: "My boy alive," or "my boy living"

I could be completely wrong, but this is how I've been singing it! Lol!  Roll Eyes
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