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Author Topic: Mairead Nesbitt on Vindy Radio (Aug 10, 2017)  (Read 1258 times)
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Máiréad Nesbitt was live on Vindy Radio with host Louie B. Free today (August 10, 2017).

As far as interviews go this was pretty good. It definitely didn't feel like a cookie-cutter type interview. Lots of interesting stuff.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Communication was the key theme of the interview.

It's worth listening to them but for those looking for a quick summary, here are some things they talked about.

When / why she got into the violin:
- She was 6
- She looked at her mother playing and Máiréad wanted to play too (more importantly, Máiréad wanted play with her mother)
- Music was a way of life growing up in her family
- She credits her parents for the passion for music that she's had her whole life

Communication with family:
- Her family has a unique, unspoken way of communicating while they're playing together.
- They share an understanding or intuition of what each other are doing or are about to do.

Communication with a live audience:
- She has a keen awareness of the audience.
- The connection with the audience is different each time.
- Máiréad offered some great advice: for people that feel self-conscious when performing, remember it's not about you, it's about the audience and your connection to them. That should be your focus, rather than about wanting to be perfect and worried about making mistakes.

Communication with the listening audience:
- It's important to her that her music has a genuine meaning, but it's just a layer.
- The music should speak for itself.
- It should take the listener on a journey, regardless of the listener's background or how much they understand about the inspiration behind the tracks.

As we well know, Máiréad's work has touched a lot of people very deeply so her emphasis on communicating and connecting with the audience has clearly paid off in her work.

Máiréad came up with a new word: #Fanimaly  (Representing the close relationship that she and her fans share. This includes the passion that her fans have for her work and that she has for her fans.

- She was preparing for Hibernia for 2 years
- She was experimenting and writing music on the Celtic Woman tour bus between shows
- Some trivia she brought up: Ériu (from which derived Éire), is an old Irish name for Ireland
- Hibernia is of course also a "classical" name for Ireland
- Hibernia was a blend of classical and Irish music
- She's proud that Hibernia debuted on 4 separate charts (for her that was more important than where it debuted on the charts). It's an indication that it reached people with diverse backgrounds.

Devil's Bit Sessions:
- It took a year to put together and make sure everyone could be in one place at one time
- She was really passionate about it being recorded like a live session

On Part 2 of the Facebook live stream, there was one of the best live-stream comments I've read in long time:

"I have never met a harder working woman...who literally puts her entire soul & being into what she does as Máiréad Nesbitt! Fierce & Flawless...& unbelievably gifted!! & oh-so kind!!"

All-in-all, I thought this was a solid interview and is worth a listen.

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