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Author Topic: Christmas tour  (Read 563 times)
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« on: December 05, 2017, 10:39PM »

I just got back to my hotel after seeing Chloe in Atlantic Beach, FL.  All I can say is Chloe is why I fell in love with CW a long time ago!  Not only is she a wonderful singer, she's a great person as well.

The show was at an Irish pub.  OK, not great, but not necessarily bad.  The pub was closed for the event unless you had tickets.  Biggest complaint was they kept one TV on during the show -- apparently the bartender couldn't miss a basketball game.  Slightly irritating.  They had a small stage on the side of the room. Couple of "community tables" in front.  Little hard to see.

I did not write down the whole show list, but here's some of the highlights.

When You Believe
Galway Bay

A local cello player joined she and Dermont on stage.

Danny Boy

Chloe said she always liked Amy Grant growing up, so she did I'll Lead You Home.

She then spoke about the Easter Uprising and that last year was the 100th anniversary.  She said her great-great grandfather was on the bridge that day, and she heard a lot about him during last years events.  That lead into Grace

And she had to do her audience participation -- The Rattlin' Bog

After intermission, started with Merry Christmas Darling.  Chloe said she was a Carpenters fan.

Isle of Hope.

She said growing up the schools taught a little bit of Gaelic.  She did the first verse of Silent Night in Gaelic.

You Raise Me Up -- what more needs to be said!

Finished with The Gathering.

She then did a Meet & Greet afterwards (shades of old CW days!).  She took a few questions from the participants.  Mostly related to her time with CW.  I was one of the last ones thru the M&G line.  She was in a great mood.  Just about everyone got hugs.  I got a couple since she recognized me.  What makes Chloe such a special person is I asked her if she would sign a card for my daughter who is graduating from college in two weeks.  My daughter has meet Chloe a number of times.  Not only did Chloe sign the card, she wrote a message in it AND gave me a copy of her new Christmas CD to give as a graduation preset!

I got a great picture!!

She said she will be back in Florida in April.  I'm there.


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When You Believe~ Chloe:"that was for you" 5/15/15

« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 06:30PM »

do you have a full setlist by any chance?  There's one song I'm curious if she did...

Thanks Scott! 
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« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2017, 10:36AM »

Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy  I went to the Milledgeville GA show last night.  An hour's drive in the rain to see Chloe Agnew?  You betcha.  (O/T:  I guess these GA Decembers are why LisaK doesn't do Christmas shows at the Fred -- too many weather unpredictables.)  No need to gloat about seeing Chloe again.... but I will.  She was her as-usual beautiful, bubbly, giggly, full-of-fun self and in vocal top form in her red scarf-looking ( Shocked whew! Shocked ) gownthing.  AND from my $20 front-row-center seat, I got lots of looks and smiles.  OK... stop hatin' on me...  it's Chrismas.  Cool   This show was not "CHLOE'S CHRISTMAS LIVE"; this was the "LIVE WITH THE ATL POPS ORCHESTRA HOLIDAY" show.  Chloe was a guest, not the feature.  (It looks like this is the show that will be in Dothan AL, but the other performances should be Chloe's show.)  Chloe performed a different and much-more-limited set -- she was probably 40ish% of the show.  Dermont joined her on stage for a few songs, but the ATL POPS was actually the feature.  And the POPS continues to be a source of pride for our entire state, flawless, turned-up-to-11, totally entertaining.  A highlight was "Your're a Mean One, Mr Grinch", but every song was great... OH, yeah... "Lord of the Dance" -- WOW!   But Chloe...  yeah, Chloe... "The Christmas Song", Silent Night", "White Christmas", "The Prayer" with Dermont, "Let It Snow", "Baby It's Cold Outside" also with Dermy, "Oh Holy Night"  and a rousing finale of "God Bless America" are the stand-outs.  All Show-stoppers. 
If you get the chance to see Chloe in concert, GO!  You are not gonna want it to end -- but the end comes so dang fast.  Chloe seems to prefer smaller venues, so you're gonna get a good seat, normally at a bargain price; and you know it'll be a dynamite show.  Oh, I forgot... I'm preaching to the choir...  Wink 

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« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2017, 10:47AM »

Chloë's Christmas in Columbus

On December 19, 2017, I saw Chloë live in Columbus, Ohio!

She gets better every time I see her! Chloë is such an amazing performer! She sings like an angel and with tremendous feeling. She's a great storyteller and very funny. She can make one laugh, cry, and cheer all in the same show. She's great at getting the audience engaged.


Chloë performed at the Shamrock Club of Columbus. It was a nice, intimate venue with an in-house bar downstairs.

The stage was decorated with a large Christmas tree.

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet was before the show. I had been trying to find out for several weeks when the M+G was, because it didn't say on her site, the venue's site, the tickets ... I tried messaging Chloë, contacting the ticket vendor, contacting the venue ... Sarah, I think you're the only person that actually answered me. Lol!

Chloë finally sent out an email to M+G ticket holders the morning of the show, advising to register 1 hour and 15 minutes before the show, with this particular M+G starting an hour before the show.

Like the last M+G I went to at a Chloë solo show, the M+G was in front of the stage. She had on a short blue dress for the M+G.

As usual, I had planned things to say, but didn't end up saying much of that. Chloë was surprised to see me this time, so I guess the poor thing hasn't had a chance to check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in a while. Lol! She thanked me for attending her online shows and for suggesting she cover From A Distance, which she still uses in her set list from time to time.

She was grateful my buddy and I came all the way from Canada again to see her. Let's just say it was a long drive, but worth every mile / kilometer.

I got to hug her a few times and take some photos.

This time, I finally remembered to bring Chloë's DVD and one of her CDs (Chloë) to get signed. Third time's a charm! I also got her to sign her new Christmas EP and picked up a new pre-signed photo from the merch table as well.

I have Chloë her gifts (some chocolates, a card, a handmade ornament from Mary Bee, made from sheet music from Mary's tour) and a surprise for Chloë and Derry  Wink

Hey, I Know You

Tony, who I know from some of the other forums and have been to a few shows with before (VoA, Rocktopia, Nathan Carter, etc) was there. Someone else recognized me from my exploits as CWazyTom as well.


I don't know any other performers, aside from maybe Tara, that bring me that much joy. If you haven't seen Chloë perform since she left Celtic Woman, you have to add her to your bucket list.

Thank you for another wonderful show Chloë!

Merry Christmas!
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