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Author Topic: Interview with Louie B. Free (Jan 12, 2018)  (Read 403 times)
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Mairead did a Facebook video of her interview with "Louie B. Free" on January 12, 2018:

The video is about an hour long.

Here are some of the things they talked about:

- Staying grounded
- Louie says Mairead's as wonderful on the air as she is off the year. Louie found that refreshing.
- Mairead's Background
- 2017 was an amazing and eventful year for Mairead
- Mairead gave a shout-out to Current Celtic Woman and the upcoming Homecoming tour
- Importance of music in her family and her family in her career
- Selecting tracks for Devil's Bit Sessions
- The universal power of music
- The performer isn't the most important part of the performance. It's the audience, the music, and the way that music is communicated.
- Rocktopia, the concept, how she got involved, excitement for Broadway
- There are apparently M+Gs after the Rocktopia Broadway shows (similar to the Rocktopia tour)
- Her violin line and how that came about
- Showed off her pillow (a gift from Glenn and Ronan)
- She played her own Mathias and the new Máiréad Viennese Elite model from her collection
- The violins are made in Europe and finished in New York
- Why the violin evokes such emotion (especially when played by one as gifted as Mairead)
- Mairead says the violin is an instrument with one of the closest sounds to the human voice
- She loves playing with singers because of the way the violin can blend with their voices
- It's a difficult instrument to learn at first, but it's very rewarding when you get the hang of it
- She's proud of inspiring violin players of all ages and providing quality, affordable violins to people
- She started playing piano when she was 4 and the violin when she was 6
- The history of her Matthias
- She's really enjoyed the interaction at her violin workshops
- She's planning to do some workshops in New York in the spring
- She's grateful to her family and fanily
- She played a little of There Is No Night

- P.S. Louie was "fanning" over Mairead the whole time Cheesy
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