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Author Topic: Ewan Cowley's "The Elevated Life" (featuring Lisa Lambe)  (Read 2115 times)
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« on: March 08, 2018, 09:12PM »

Ewan Cowley launched a new web site.

While I was looking around, I saw his EP, "The Elevated Life."

It has 5 songs, including "The Thorns From Your Heart" featuring Lisa Lambe.

Track list:

1. Hollow Ground
2. The Thorns From Your Heart feat. Lisa Lambe
3. Grianan Of Aileach
4. Wave A White Flag
5. For You While You Sleep

You can listen to the songs in their entirety on his site:

You can also listen to it and buy it on Bandcamp:

This EP is REALLY good!

The album cover was alright, but it didn't blow me away. I already have the song with Lisa in it, of course, but I listened to the rest of the EP and I was super-impressed!  It has a very pleasant and soothing sound. I loved all the songs!

--- Spoilers Below---


The album is contemporary, consisting mostly of what I would describe light pop songs with a mild country flavour to some of them. Three of the songs have vocals and the other two are instrumentals.

Hollow Ground:
- The melody at the start of the song reminded me of "When You Go" from Destiny
- Ewan's got a pretty relaxing voice
- The violin accompaniment is nice
- It has some satisfying transitions between major and minor keys

The Thorns from Your Heart:
- Ewan and Lisa's voices sound fantastic together
- Lisa soothing voice and trademark ornamentation seemed perfect for this song
- Definitely my favourite vocal song on the album (because it featured Lisa and because it sounded gorgeous)

Grianan Of Aileach:
- This is a string instrumental
- The melody is incredibly beautiful! <3
- This reminded me of Mairead Nesbitt's "There Is No Night"
- It legitimately made me cry it was so good
- By far the best light-instrumental song I have ever heard outside of Celtic Woman or Mairead's albums
- I can't even believe I'm saying this but as much as I adored the song featuring Lisa, I think I loved this one even more. <3

Wave A White Flag:
- This a nice slow song with a sweeping accompaniment
- I think my brain was still going CWazy after hearing the previous song, so it was a bit hard to concentrate on this one

For You, While You Sleep:
- A nice guitar instrumental with gentle string-based accompaniment
- Quite soothing
- I like it, although it's pretty much impossible to top "Grianan Of Aileach"


--- Spoilers Above ---

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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 01:11PM »

Agreed.   Liked the Lisa / Ewan mix the best.

=)  yes!! We got to go ! 
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Agreed.   Liked the Lisa / Ewan mix the best.

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