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Author Topic: Who Leads Celtic Woman now?  (Read 24009 times)
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« on: August 08, 2018, 11:06PM »

Since it would seem that David has left Celtic Woman, this makes me wonder: who leads it? Does anyone or is it just a group lead thing now? Who has then decided who would join the group, if not David? I'm a bit confused by some of the things.

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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 02:41PM »

David Downes left in 2015 (maybe late 2014, the timing of it is a bit ambiguous).

Since then, Gavin Murphy has been the musical director.

David Kavanagh (one of the co-founders of the group) was running Celtic Woman but sadly he passed away earlier this year.

As far as I know, Gavin is still the musical director, but I'm unsure who's currently running the show overall.

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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2018, 08:42PM »

It appears Eabha is the only latest member after not picked by David Downes? Eabha came in 2015 though, did Meav pick her or idk? Meav did the announcing during Destiny our newest member Eabha!

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« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2019, 06:11PM »

 Meav has been the Vocal Director for about 2 years now. Cool

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