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Author Topic: My idea for the next Celtic Woman show  (Read 102 times)
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I copied this from my post in the new forum. I haven't made one of these in a long while, and none for the current line up. I dare say, this idea is by far my favourite of my own! It would work very well if it were real, I think.

Ideally open air, but can be in a threatre or hall. A nice, pleasant, and bright stage. Not too small. A fairly Celtic, slightly fairytale-ish style, but not overdoing it - it should be Celtic Woman style, not in the style of other Celtic groups. Not too simple, not to heavy, lots of green, but also other, warm colours. Good, warm lighting, as in Believe.
Not as opulent as Believe, but also not as minimalist as Ancient Land. A thick orchestra and dominant band and choir, but enough room for the protagonists to stand out. There's plenty of traditional songs, and I think of very versatile, colourful arrangements, with different twists to familiar tunes, some songs slower or more upbeat than they are usually done, some mixed or changed up styles, etc. A creative, unusual experience. All girls are allowed to show off in various ways: We will hear Éabha's sean nos technique, but also her more contemporary voice, Megan's full operatic ability, as well as her lower, mellow voice, Mairéad will show her stellar soprano voice, but also her soft and breezy sound. Tara will have one more solo than the others, who all have duets in all possible combinations, and she will get to show more of her skills than usual - I finally want to hear a four voice acapella!
For the first act, very light dresses - in both fabric and colour. Various shades of very pale green for the singers, with slightly darker (or more satured) green details the shape of leaves and flowers and the likes. Tara's dress very similar, yet almost white with light green details. All slightly glittery, Tara's a bit more than the others. All first act dresses have a similar shape and cut. The choir has similar dresses, but with less details, in a sort of beige-gold colour. The ceili dresses are longsleeved, have a soft (non-shiny) fabric, and bright, warm colours - pink or Tara, purple for Mairéad, fuchsia for Megan, red for Éabha. The chorus girls have similar dresses, all in dark blue. The second act dresses are all different and very creative in style and shape, but all have the same basic colour - a warm, gold. Fairly glittery, with lovely velvet details in different, rich gemstone colours - emerald for Mairéad, ruby for Megan, sapphire for Éabha, citrine for Tara.

[New Original] - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara (extended violin in the beginning)
Act I
The Trees They Grow So High - Mairéad
Invitation - Tara
Fuigfidh Mise an Baile Seo - Éabha
The Flower Duet - Mairéad, Megan
An Maighdean Mara - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara (acapella) (Tara singing)
Down By The Salley Gardens - Megan
Ni Na La - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara
Dubdharra - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara
Lift The Wings - Éabha, Megan
All Things Bright And Beautiful - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara
[New Original] (can be based on a traditional) - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara (girls with instruments!)
Act II
The Mummer's Dance - Éabha, Mairéad, Tara
The Highwayman - Éabha
Dirty Old Town - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara
Fill, Fill A Rún - Tara
Greensleeves - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara (on harp) (male choir)
Belfast - Mairéad, Tara
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara
Celtic Prayer - Tara (female choir)
Weep You No More Sad Fountains - Megan
The White Rose - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan
The Parting Glass - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara (new arrangement)
Mo Ghile Mear/Ni Na La/Spanish Lady [end credits medley] - Éabha, Mairéad, Megan, Tara, but mostly band/choir
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