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Author Topic: Talked to MC at M & G  (Read 3609 times)
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« on: March 30, 2019, 08:59AM »

Was able to talk to MC at a M & G in Manchester NH last night.  Was able to tell her something I had wanted to but didn't want to say in the open out of concern for not hurting anyone else's feelings.  As I was leaving I whispered in her ear, "You carry the show."   The show afterwards was great; she/they put on a great performance, and she did in fact carry the show.  Her performance of "Newgrange" in particular was stunning.  Orders of magnitude better than had been done by anyone else.  Bravo, MC!

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 t is always a wonderful feeling  when we finally get to do something like that.  My "Meavian Pilgrimage" 4 years ago- when I   traveled across several states  over several hours- fulfilled something akin to what you experienced.  I didn't use those words per se (the other gals were there)  nor did I say anything like that  in the private note I gave her, but I think my arriving there after so much effort and in a fan shirt with Meav's image on it, said the same thing tacitly.  I look forward to my upcoming show in about 6 weeks or so.  I am sure they will all be wonderful.   Cool

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