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Author Topic: Celtic Woman Tour History  (Read 596 times)
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« on: June 19, 2021, 11:58PM »

For a while, I've been working on a history of Celtic Woman tour performances and DVD recordings.

I've prepared a rather extensive spreadsheet with what I was able to piece together. It's attached to this thread:

Help Needed

I have most of the shows in there, but I'm missing somewhere in the range of 80-120 shows. There's not much more I can do with public records or Internet archives to which I have access.

If anyone can spot shows I'm missing that actually happened (rather than ones that got posted but later got rescheduled or cancelled), please point them out and I'll research it further. For the early tours (2005-2008), I'm definitely missing shows, especially from 2005 and spring 2006. These shows were pieced together from wikis, archived pages, some old forum posts, etc. I think I've looked through just about everything that's available on the Internet on the subject. If anyone has a separate record of those shows that's more complete than the one I have, please share. Even if it's from 2005/2006 tour program, it's probably more complete than what I have. The 2007-2008 tour programs probably won't be as helpful since they were probably printed before the tour and shows (doubleheaders) were likely added after they were printed.

Otherwise, I'll probably have to ask Celtic Woman if they'd share their tour records in order to complete this project.

Early Tours

I'm missing a bunch of shows from the 2005 and 2006 tours. The old forum lists some of the shows from the original tours, but not the shows I'm missing. The Wayback Machine ( crawled the Celtic Woman site a bunch of times back then, but for whatever reason, it hasn't retained any useful info about the tours (just a bunch of broken images and links). I pieced together what I could from Wikis, archived site, venue sites, partial tour listings from old sites, and old forums, but there are definitely many shows missing, especially from spring 2006.

These early tours were not well documented, or if they were, the details are no longer available online.

A New Journey tours

I think it's likely there are shows missing from this tour. I think I have most or all of the dates they performed, but I suspect there were more double-header shows than I was able to find.

Isle of Hope

This tour is probably close to accurate. The show count with my spreadsheet lines up with the number of shows they posted they performed on the tour.

Songs from the Heart

I think I'm only missing 1 show (probably a double-header) from the 2010 Songs from the Heart tour.

I think my list from the 2011 spring tour is pretty close to accurate. My show count matches the one they posted.


I Believe (pun intended) I'm missing some double-headers from this tour. I found very few of them, so either there weren't many on this tour or they've been elusive.

Missing 80+ shows

On March 13, 2015, Celtic Woman posted that their Cleveland show was their 968th show in the US ( At this point in the spreadsheet, my count suggests I'm missing 81 shows (practically a full tour, most likely from the 2005-2008 tours).

World Tour 2013

I think my spring tour list is close to accurate. My show count matches the show count Celtic Woman posted they performed on the tour.

Emerald Tour

My show count matches Celtic Woman's for the spring tour, so my list is close to accurate.

10th Anniversary Tour

I don't know what's going on here. My count matches theirs up to the Destiny DVD recordings. After that, I somehow have 7 more shows listed than they say they actually performed. I'm not sure if some of the shows got cancelled, if CW wasn't counting some of the shows for some reason, or if one of our counts are just wrong.

Destiny Onwards

I think the shows I have listed for Destiny onwards are close to accurate. My counts for these tours all line up with the times they posted the number of shows they had performed.

Rescheduled and Cancelled Shows

Shows sometimes got cancelled or rescheduled after they were originally posted. I took that into account, removing cancelled shows and adjusting for shows that were rescheduled. As a result, there are plenty of lists posted online in various forums, sites, and archives that don't match up exactly with the spreadsheet because those lists were posted before the tour schedules changed.

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a tremendous amount of work,  thank you.

=)  yes!! We got to go ! 
Then there was Atlanta !
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Hey, does it include the mentioning of an original song called "Shooting Star" that Órla Fallon had written herself earlier? My first time to hear it was when I went to that concert with my daddy and my former teacher Ms. Deidre. In that case, it sounded like pop to me.

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Hey, does it include the mentioning of an original song called "Shooting Star" that Órla Fallon had written herself earlier? My first time to hear it was when I went to that concert with my daddy and my former teacher Ms. Deidre. In that case, it sounded like pop to me.
Kimberly, that song is on Youtube. Wink
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