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Title: Buffalo M&G
Post by: hkfan on December 17, 2015, 06:28PM
I had the pleasure of going to the Buffalo show with a few of the lads. We all met at the hall and had dinner at Henry’s in the basement – a very nice meal if a little bit pricy however. It did mean we were on site for the M&G before the show!
I was contacted by a Buffalo Symphony Orchestra person about 3 weeks before the show and asked if I wanted to go to an M&G and if so how many tickets I wanted. I was skeptical but opted for 4 passes and gave them my credit card. (Over the next few days, I checked my C card records to ensure no extraneous charges had been made.) I called the Orchestra about 1 week before the show and they confirmed the meet. Although organised by the BSO it was a CW M&G managed by Seth.
Unlike my Akron experience (the dingy space at the bottom of a flight of stairs), there was a special area reserved for the 20 “VIP” visitors to sit and wait until being taken back stage for the meet – nice touch. The meet was held in a big room used to feed the stars and crew. It had plenty of room and there was a nice white backdrop screen for pictures.
The meet was a little hurried because the rehearsal lasted longer than anticipated and by the time everyone had eaten, we didn’t start until after 7:30 – show was at 8pm. I was last and gave the girls their Christmas cards and a candy cane, which they all displayed for the photo.
Our BSO hostess even handed out some signed posters of the HfC tour albeit with pictures of Lisa Lamb on them not Éabha!(http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb409/prideslaw/2015BuffaloSymphonyTourS_zps7t9dddep.jpg)
I must sincerely thank the BSO and CW for the invitation, which came out of the blue, however, take note CW Senior Management, this is more like what an M&G should be.
As for the show, agree with all favourable comments. Especially liked Éabha’s solos, Mairéad C
hitting the high notes, the costumes especially the blue fur robes, great audience participation and seeing Andy and Tommy probably for the last time (except for this series of concerts).
I went to the show in Windsor the next day and despite the Colosseum being packed, the crowd were very detached, in fact myself and fellow Canadian cohort were the only ones clapping for Máiréad N’s  solos! (Andy was smiling and laughing at us doing this).They did manage a SO after O Come All Ye Faithful!
And so 2015 came to an end and now we all await our new Destiny.