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Title: Alex Sharpe Sings the Music of Shaun Purcell (aka Sean Purcell)
Post by: CWazyTom on May 01, 2018, 05:47PM
Continuing my quest to find incredibly obscure potential works by our current and former Celtic Woman ladies, what in the world is this?

Alex Sharpe Sings the Music of Shaun Purcell / The Music of Shaun Purcell

When Alex first joined Celtic Woman, there was a post on this forum that mentioned she had done an album with Shaun Purcell.

I couldn't even find any works by Shaun Purcell anywhere, much less this particular album.

This record on Discogs is one of the few places I can even find it mentioned aside from Alex's Wikipedia page.

On Alex's Wikipedia page, I followed the link to Sean Purcell (note how it's spelled differently). It went to the wrong page (that of a footballer). So then, I went back and tried to follow the citation for that sentence. That page no longer exists BUT I managed to find an archive of it. It's an old bio from the Celtic Woman page:


Here's what the bio read:

At a tender age, Alex began her career in the coveted role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. This was the beginning of what was to become an outstanding career in Musical Theatre. She played Janet in The Rocky Horror Show, Young Sally in Follies in Concert, Jenny in Aspects of Love, and Mila in Aloha Kamano by Sean Purcell.

Her musical talents did not go unnoticed and she was asked to play Eponine in Les Miserables for the Cameron Mackintosh Company in England and Ireland and also in the Concert Tour of Les Miserables of which she won wide accalim.

Alex created the role of Bernadette in the Andrew Lloyd-Webber/Ben Elton Musical The Beautiful Game. On her return to Ireland she played the role of Kate Foley in The Wireman in the Gaiety Theatre Dublin.

Alex has also sung with some of the most renowned orchestra's in the world including the Icelandic Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Danish National Symphony, and the RTE Concert Orchestra. Among her many recordings, her amazing voice can also be heard on the Evita film Soundtrack with Madonna.

That at least mentioned her working with him, but it didn't mention an album.

I don't know how a rabbit hole ever got dug this deep, but I kept following it anyways...

I looked up "Aloha Kamano." I couldn't find an album for that, but I did find a song from it listed back in that Discogs record: "Somebody Special"

So, I think Alex performed this "Sean Purcell" song "Somebody Special" from "Aloha Kamano"  ... possibly other songs (or all songs) on the album.

There's apparently one person selling that album through Discogs (supposedly). Well, I don't know if I'm comfortable getting a strange album on Discogs that doesn't seem to exist or be mentioned anywhere else. In other words: Alice don't fit through that door.  But, I guess if someone else is more adventurous, enjoy your trip to Wonderland. Instead of a postcard, maybe you'll Send Me a Song (that one song that Alex apparently sings on this album that took me so long to find that it would have been faster to invent a time machine and go ask her live at a Meet and Greet in 2007).  ;D

Title: Re: Alex Sharpe Sings the Music of Shaun Purcell (aka Sean Purcell)
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Found the album:

Title: Re: Alex Sharpe Sings the Music of Shaun Purcell (aka Sean Purcell)
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Found the album:

Good find Tom !    :)