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Title: The High Kings Forum & Celtic Woman Forum
Post by: aislin on July 26, 2008, 02:32AM
Our little corner of the web has gotten bigger! Rich and I are proud to present The High Kings Forum which can be found at http://thehighkingsforum.com (http://thehighkingsforum.com)! And, even better, we've set the new forum up so that it shares a database with the Celtic Woman Forum. What this means is that your username and password will work on both sites, your PMs will be the same on both sites, the calendar will be the same, etc. The only difference is that I've coded the two sites to show different categories. The two sites will share the Admin Notes category and the Everything Else category. So every post that is made in those two sections of the forum will be the same on both sites.

Even though they are using the same database, the file that stores your login information on your computer is domain dependent, so you'll have to log on to both forums separately.

As to the chat, there is only one. Regardless of which site you use to access it, it is still all the same chat.

I know this sounds kind of confusing so if you have any problems or questions there's a thread going on here: http://www.celticwomanforum.com/index.php?topic=5277.0 (http://www.celticwomanforum.com/index.php?topic=5277.0) where I'll try and help out.