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Title: Small Change
Post by: OldFatGuy on August 07, 2008, 08:29AM
We've increased the maximum size for avatars from 65 x 65 pixels to 80 x 80.  The forum automatically re-sizes them, and some of the larger ones were being reduced so much that they were hard to see.

Please note - as always, any image you use for an avatar must be square!  It will be re-sized to 80 x 80, and if it's not square to begin with, it will be distorted.  (There's that "aspect ratio" we keep harping on.)   ;)

We also have a couple of small requests.

  • Some of our members have gone a little overboard with their signatures.  We love creative graphics as much as anyone, but when you stack two and three images into one signature - and then put them on a very slow server - it can negatively affect other people's enjoyment of the forum.  Remember - it's the posts that are the important part of this site.  If your signature slows down the page loading, or if people have to scroll too far to get past your signature, you may be doing a disservice to our community.
  • Similarly, some of the graphics posted on our forum are quite large.  In many cases, it might be best to simply post a link to the image, rather than the image itself.  If you're in doubt, PM an admin or mod and ask for help.